As soon as you disenroll from your program, you are no longer a student of the University of Mannheim. You may either be disenrolled upon request or by virtue of office

Disenrollment Upon Request

If you would like to terminate your enrollment at the University of Mannheim, we recommend that you file a request for disenrollment. Only then can we properly disenroll you from your program and send you the complete disenrollment documents (confirmation of disenrollment, confirmation for the statutory pension provider).

Disenrollment by Virtue of Office

If you are disenrolled by virtue of office, you will receive an official notification of disenrollment in due time. The notification will be sent to you by post and will list the reasons for your disenrollment. If you do not understand or agree with the disenrollment reasons, please contact the Student Services advisor responsible for you to discuss the matter.

Information on disenrollment

  • Effectiveness of disenrollment

    As a rule, disenrollment becomes effective at the end of the semester in which it was requested. In case of special reasons, it may become effective immediately. This may be the case if you complete your studies, transfer to another university during the semester, or lose your eligibility to take exams. 

    Please note: Bear in mind that it might be favorable for you to remain enrolled until the semester ends since this entitles you to a low-priced student health insurance plan and your parents may continue to receive child benefit.

  • Disenrollment and examination processes

    Any ongoing examination processes will remain unaffected by disenrollment, meaning that once a student has registered for an exam, the registration will not be revoked upon their disenrollment. Students must also take resit examinations if stipulated by the examination regulations.

    In case you do not wish to complete an ongoing examination process after your disenrollment, you must request dismissal from the exam. To do so, please indicate the relevant exams and the date of the exam in the comment field in the online request form. You may lose your eligibility to take exams if you fail to officially withdraw from an exam.

  • Request for disenrollment

    Please submit your request for disenrollment online in Portal² > My studies > Requests > Disenrollment and take note of the information on how to submit a request published there.

  • Request a confirmation of disenrollment after disenrollment by virtue of office

    If you have been disenrolled by virtue of office, we advise you to replace the disenrollment by virtue of office by regular disenrollment so that we can issue a confirmation of disenrollment. You may need to present this confirmation, for example, to the statutory pension insurance provider or to enroll at another higher education institution. If you want to request a confirmation of disenrollmen, please write an e-mail with the subject line confirmation of disenrollment and your student ID number to the Express Service. You can only disenroll once you have returned all library items and do not owe the library any fees.

    Please specify the reasons for your disenrollmen in your e-mail:

    • You have passed your final examination and completed your program
    • You are about to complete your program
    • You terminated your studies
    • You will transfer to another higher education institution
    • You are no longer eligible to take examinations
    • You interrupted your studies
    • Other reasons

    If you have been disenrolled by virtue of office and are still registered for exams which you do not want to take, you need to formally request dismissal from the exams. Please name the relevant exams and the exam date and state that you request dismissal from these exams.


Express Service

Express Service

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University of Mannheim
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Need Personal Advising?

If you have specific questions that you would like to discuss individually, please don’t hesitate to consult your Student Services advisor.