The University of Mannheim attaches particular importance to the internationalization of its doctoral programs. Since 2015, we have been working toward implementing and improving our internationalization strategy including the goals of Internationalization@Home and InternationalizationAbroad.

Pursuing a doctoral degree in Mannheim will give you the perfect opportunity to do research on a global scale, take part in multinational research projects, and start building an international network early on. The university has around 730 exchange programs with some 450 partner universities all over the world and thus supports its doctoral students in becoming increasingly visible and successful at a global level. Learn more about our programs.

Coming to Mannheim from Abroad

You come from abroad and want to pursue a doctoral degree in Mannheim? Here, you will find more information on our programs for international early-stage researchers.

Going Abroad

Staying in one place is not really your thing? We would like to introduce you to the world of international research.