Business Administration

Career perspectives for graduates

Studying Business Administration prepares you for a corporate career. You may start at an international company, at a mid-size family-owned company or a start-up – or you can start your own company. If you want to become a member of a supervisory board or an executive, it is also helpful to have knowledge in the field of Business Administration.

Potential careers

If you have a Business Administration degree, you can start in most sectors. It is therefore not possible to compile an exhaustive list. However, there are a few typical jobs.

  • Consultancy and auditing firms

    Companies ask external consultants for help when they need support in change and optimization processes. During their projects, consultants have direct insight into companies of various sectors. This requires a lot of flexibility and mobility since consultants have to quickly adapt to specific company structures.

    An audit involves examining the financial reporting of companies, in particular as part of the statutory audit of annual financial statements.

  • Career at a company

    Most graduates want to work at a company. More and more applicants start their career with a traineeship. During this one-year or two-year training, they get to know the company and get insights into various departments. At international companies, a stay abroad is often part of the traineeship. It is also possible to start your career at a company without a traineeship. Large companies often offer the possibility for further development, quick promotions, and management responsibilities.

  • Investment banks

    Investment bankers are responsible for the assets of their customers, help them in financing business ventures, and advise them on their investments. Mannheim is ideal for investment bankers-to be, since Frankfurt, an important financial hub, is only 30 minutes away.

  • Marketing

    Marketing is more than just advertising. Marketing experts can be responsible for various areas. They analyze data, improve product properties, design prices, change distribution channels and work on communication strategies. Marketing experts work in large and small companies, in agencies, public institutions and organizations of various kinds. They are responsible for properly marketing products, making them known to potential buyers, available at the right places and at the right price.

  • Academia

    If you complete a master’s degree, you can pursue an academic career. The master’s program in Business Administration is the perfect choice if you plan to continue your academic training with a doctoral program in order to pursue a career in science and research.