Five doctoral students sit on tables in the seminar while the lecturer reads a paper.

Career in Academia or Research

Are you interested in pursuing a career in academia or research after your graduation? Numerous opportunities are available at the University of Mannheim to help you along your professional path.

Eine Frau blickt in einen Laptop und tippt. Neben ihr steht ein Mann, der ihr dabei zusieht.

You can pursue a doctorate in all of the subjects available at the University of Mannheim. You can obtain your doctoral degree either through individual doctoral studies at a chair or through participation in a structured doctoral program.

Zwei Studentinnen stehen vor einem großen Bücherregal.
Female Early-Stage Researchers

The programs offered by the Department of Gender Equality and Social Diversity are for female students who think about pursuing an academic career. Together with a coach, you identify your competencies and skills.