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Career Opportunities

Some prospective students settle for a degree program because they are very enthusiastic about a certain field and only think about possible professions later. Others know right from the start where they want to work later and choose their studies accordingly. Regardless of how it is for you, one thing is certain: with a master’s degree from the University of Mannheim, you have excellent career opportunities—this is confirmed by numerous rankings and surveys among HR managers. We provide you an overview on possible careers, continuing education, and career assistance services.

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Careers of Mannheim Graduates

A degree program is not tailored to a certain profession. Benefit from the experiences our graduates made.

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In my jobs, I have repeatedly found that the multifaceted degree program taught me to think outside the box and to combine a wide range of disciplines.

Jessica Nollmann, Head of Organizational Development and Internal Communications, graduate of English and American Studies / Credit: Sandra Blossey

Studying at the University of Mannheim laid an important foundation for my professional career. Not only did I acquire subject-specific knowledge but also project management skills, communication techniques, and effective strategies for exploring new topics. These skills have proven to be valuable for my daily work and helped me to achieve my current position.

Florian Kuczera, HR manager, graduate of Economic and Business Education / Credit: blende 11 Fotografen
Fields of Work

With a degree from the University of Mannheim, you are qualified for many jobs in various industries. We provide a list of possible fields of work so you can get an overview.

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Job Opportunities

A degree from the University of Mannheim promises great job opportunities.
Learn more about university rankings and what HR experts say.

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Practical Experience

Gaining practical experience during your studies helps you find the right career and land your first job after university. Get an overview on the internship and job databases.

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Starting Your Career

The university continues to support you after graduation and helps you find a job. Learn more about the mentoring program, the CV check, the consultation hour for start-ups and other services.

A career in academia or research

Are you interested in pursuing a career in academia or research after your graduation? Numerous opportunities are available at the University of Mannheim to help you along your professional path. If you graduated from the University of Mannheim, you are qualified to start an academic or research career.