Teacher Education Programs

Career prospects for graduates

The Teacher Education program prepares you for a career in teaching at a secondary or vocational school. Even though the program is designed for prospective teachers, you can also pursue many other careers.

Potential careers

With a degree in Teacher Education, you are qualified for the following professions, among others:

  • Teacher

    Teachers give classes to children and young adults of different age groups. They teach the subjects they chose in their degree program. Teachers can work at secondary schools (Gymnasium) or vocational schools, such as trade or business schools. The Teacher Education program always includes two subjects and, in addition, allows you to choose an extension subject. If you want to become a schoolteacher, you must complete the preparatory service (Referendariat) after earning your Master of Education. Besides a career in teaching, graduates can go into school administration and become school presidents or trainers at vocational schools for teachers, for example.

  • Continuing education/adult education

    You can work in institutions for continuing and adult education, for example, using the educational and didactic skills you acquired throughout your studies.

  • Job prospects in your subject

    In the Teacher Education program, you will acquire the same knowledge of your subject as students of the respective subject-specific program. Therefore, graduates can also embark on many other careers in addition to teaching in schools. The departments provide you with more information.

  • Master’s

    Should you realize after graduation that a teaching career is not for you, you can choose one of many master’s programs.