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Political Science

Career prospects for graduates

A degree in Political Science qualifies you for jobs that require empirical-analytical work and the application of quantitative methods. You can either work in the public service or in the private sector. There is no set career path for social scientists. Instead, students specialize in their studies through internships, part-time jobs, or volunteer work, which helps to hone their individual profiles.

Potential careers

The list below provides you with a brief overview on potential professions:

  • Consulting

    In both public and private organizations, political scientists can give recommendations for action based on analyses they previously conducted. For example, they develop new business models and services or create communication strategies.

  • Communication

    In the area of public affairs, political scientists engage in foreign relations and work for agencies, political parties, or administrations. They strategically communicate with different groups (e.g., citizens, political decision-makers, associations, or NGOs) in order to advance the interests of their principal.

  • Political Institutions

    Graduates can assume a political office, consult on a scientific basis, or prepare decisions in governmental institutions such as the European Parliament or the German Bundestag.

    Political scientists can also become press officers of a political party, where they respond to citizens’ inquiries, issue press statements, newsletter articles and social media posts, or are responsible for the conceptual preparation and organization of new dialog formats.

  • Academia

    If you complete a master’s degree, you can pursue an academic career. The master’s program in Political Science is the perfect choice if you plan to continue your academic training with a doctoral program in order to pursue a career in science and research.