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Culture and Economy

Career perspectives for graduates

The degree program in Culture and Economy combines a core subject in the field of culture with a specialist subject in the field of Business Administration or Economics. This qualifies you for a career in the cultural or economic sector. Graduates of the University of Mannheim know and understand economic concepts and processes, and are therefore particularly in demand in roles that combine communication, economics and business administration.

With the degree program in Culture and Economy, you have professional perspectives in multiple sectors. During the interdisciplinary program, it is important that you identify your professional interest and sharpen your personal profile by gaining practical experience. During internships, part-time jobs or volunteer work, you can expand the knowledge acquired during your studies.

Potential careers

Typical fields of work for graduates are, inter alia:

  • Public Relations

    All tasks in public relations are focused on creating and maintaining a positive identity for an organization and its work. These may be companies, cultural institutions, public authorities, parties, or non-profit organizations.
    Those working in public relations develop communication strategies and concepts to represent the institution. In larger organizations, internal communication is important as well.

    Today, digital channels are the most important venues for communication, which led to the creation of fields of work such as social media management or community management. Like traditional communication jobs, those jobs also require a high level of text, language, and media competency.

    Job titles:

    • Media spokesperson
    • Public relations manager
    • Public relations advisor
    • Communication manager
    • Content manager
    • Social media manager
    • Community manager
    • Campaign manager
    • Web editor
    • Cross media manager

    Example for the field of work: Public relations manager
    Public relations managers are responsible for maintaining the image of organizations, companies, and public authorities. They develop communication concepts and strategies. They are also a first point of contact for those working in media and communications. If you are interested, you can apply in agencies or communications departments.

  • Marketing

    The fields of work in marketing are wide-ranging. The goals of marketing work, however, are similar across all sectors. Marketing managers are always working on winning and maintaining customers for products and brands.

    Job titles:

    • Marketing expert
    • Product managers
    • Marketing manager
    • Brand manager
    • E-commerce manager
    • SEO manager
    • E-mail marketing manager
    • Online marketing manager

    Example for the field of work: Marketing manager
    Tasks of a marketing manager include analyzing the market and competition, designing products and prices, and developing advertising campaigns and strategies for customer loyalty. The tasks in marketing are often interdisciplinary and require creativity and excellent communication skills. Advertising and media agencies as well as marketing departments of companies or institutions offer jobs in marketing. Online marketing also plays an important role. In this area, new, specialized fields of work such as e-commerce management, SEO management, e-mail marketing or influencer marketing have been created.

  • Journalism/editorial offices

    A journalist’s task is to provide the public with factual information. This includes not only writing but also researching, evaluating, and compiling the information collected. Then journalists edit the contents for their audience and share them with the public. They may publish texts, images, video, and audio contributions. Careers in journalism often start with a traineeship (Volontariat). Journalists-to-be can complete these one- or two-year traineeships at publishers, broadcasting corporations, companies, and other institutions. For starting a career in journalism, it is indispensable to start gaining practical experiences in journalism or editorial departments early on.

    Job titles:

    • Journalist
    • Editor
    • Author
    • Reporter
    • International correspondent
    • Web editor
    • Online editor
    • Video editor
    • Blogger
    • Social media manager
    • Cross media manager

    Example for the field of work: Social media manager
    Social media editors develop interactive contents for various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. They develop social media strategies, create profiles, share content and interact with users. They work in agencies, editorial or communications departments of companies or institutions.

  • Cultural management

    Cultural management includes wide-ranging tasks in the field of cultural exchange, cultural management, Public Relations, sponsoring and event management. Project management and organization skills as well as a high level of interest in cultural education are a requirement for working in cultural management.

    Job titles:

    • Cultural manager
    • Expert in cultural marketing
    • Curator
    • Cultural expert
    • Cultural project manager
    • Artist advisor
    • Festival manager
    • Fundraiser

    Example for the field of work: Cultural manager
    Culture managers develop target group-oriented services and programs for cultural institutions and work on tasks such as fundraising, artist support, budget management or curatorial activities. In cultural marketing, marketing and public relation campaigns are developed in order to make the institution and the program well know, win audiences, and create a distinguished profile.
    Theaters, museums, festival organizations, foundations, or institutions from the public sector such as ministries of culture and municipal cultural centers are employers in this field of work.

  • Consultancy

    Consulting is another extensive field of work and is a suitable career choice if you choose Business Administration as specialist subject. Typical fields of work include communication consulting, management consulting, process consulting, strategy consulting, risk analysis or bench marking.

    Graduates of the degree program in Culture and Economy have excellent analyzing skills, good language skills and the ability to develop interdisciplinary solutions and are thus suitable for consultancy jobs.

    Job titles:

    • Consultant
    • Management consultant
    • Business developer
    • Business analyst
    • Communication consultant
    • Personnel consultant

    Example for the field of work: Consultant
    Consultants offer their services for example to companies, public institutions, foundations, and NGOs. They observe and analyze processes, markets, trends, develop solutions and proposals for customers and advise them on implementing the concepts they developed. The consulting services refer to individual business areas such as personnel, finances, marketing, or production.

  • Human Resources

    Human resources includes all activities connected to personnel management and administration. There is a broad spectrum of tasks: recruiting, personnel marketing, personnel planning, training and continuing education, personnel placement, diversity management, health management and many more.

    Job titles:

    • Recruiter
    • Human resources developer
    • Diversity manager
    • Staff planner
    • Human resources manager

    Example for the field of work: Human resources developer
    A human resources developer is responsible for ensuring that employees receive subject-specific continuing education and have the possibility to expand their social skills. For this, they design and organize development measures, search for suitable service providers or conduct courses themselves. For working as a human resources developer, good comprehension skills, communication skills and a high level of empathy are particularly important.

  • Academia

    With a degree in Culture and Economy, students are also qualified for an academic career in the selected core subject or in Business Administration or Economics.

Additional options with a core subject

Students of the degree program in Culture and Economy acquire competencies in their core subject that may be decisive for their professional career and allow for additional options in the fields of work:

English and American StudiesA degree in English and American Studies qualifies you to work at an international corporation or organization. Graduates are generally qualified for jobs that require a high level of intercultural competencies.
German StudiesWith a focus on German Studies, graduates have additional perspectives in libraries or at publishers and in jobs which require a high level of text and language competencies.
HistoryGraduates who have focused on History are qualified to work in museums, archives or science journalism.
French/Italian/SpanishYour qualification in the selected language (French/Italian/Spanish) allows you to start a career in international organizations and companies. Graduates are generally qualified for jobs that require a high level of intercultural competencies.
Media and Communication StudiesGraduates in Media and Communication Studies are especially qualified for jobs in the media sector, for example, at broadcasting corporations, in film or tv productions or in digital media.
PhilosophyThe degree program at the University of Mannheim focuses on Business Ethics. The combination of Philosophy and Economics offers career perspectives in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.