Economic and Business Education

Career prospects for graduates

With a degree in Economic and Business Education you can either become a teacher at a vocational school or start a career in a company. Hardly any other program provides so many career opportunities.

Potential careers

The list below provides an overview on the range of careers you can pursue:

  • Human resource management

    Human resources includes all activities connected to personnel management and administration. There is a broad spectrum of tasks: recruiting, personnel marketing, personnel planning, training and continuing education, personnel placement, diversity management, health management and many more.

    Job titles:

    • Recruiter
    • Human resources developer
    • Diversity manager
    • Staff planner
    • Human resources manager

    Example for the field of work: Human resources developer
    A human resources developer is responsible for ensuring that employees receive subject-specific continuing education and have the possibility to expand their social skills. For this, they design and organize development measures, search for suitable service providers or conduct courses themselves. For working as a human resources developer, good comprehension skills, communication skills and a high level of empathy are particularly important.

  • Educational management and consulting

    The goal of professionals in adult education and continuing education in the respective institutions is to enable adults to be educated in different ways, and to evaluate and further develop educational processes. Graduates of the program in Economic and Business Education organize courses and training classes, and carry out administrative and quality management tasks.

    Job titles:

    • Education expert
    • Adult education manager
    • E-learning consultant
    • Education manager
    • Instructor
    • Teacher
    • Human resources developer
    • Communication trainer

    Example for the field of work: Education expert
    Education experts organize and design education events. They are responsible for the education offers in institutes, educational institutions, associations, foundations or big companies. They create the program, develop measures and sometimes also hold courses.

  • Teacher education

    After the bachelor's program, you need to complete the master's in Economic and Business Education in order to start the preparatory service (Vorbereitungsdienst) at vocational business schools. Graduates can then be teachers of “Economics and (Business) Administration” at different types of vocational schools (e.g., Berufsschule, Wirtschaftsgymnasium, Fach- und Berufsoberschule, Berufskolleg, Berufsfachschule).

  • Academia

    If you complete a master’s degree, you can pursue an academic career. The master’s program in Economic and Business Education is the perfect choice if you plan to continue your academic training with a doctoral program in order to pursue a career in science and research.