Vier Studierende hören einer Studentin beim Erzählen zu. Sie stehen auf dem Ehrenhof der Universität Mannheim. Im Hintergrund befindet sich das Mannheimer Schloss.

Campus Tour

What is behind the abbreviations EO, EW or SN? Let students guide you around the campus and get to know the university better!

From the cour d'honneur, we will guide you to the most important contact points and inform you about the diverse offers of the university. We will also tell you where students prefer to spend their time on campus.

Tour language: German

If you are not in Mannheim but would like to get to know the Schloss and its surroundings, you can start the 3D tour on our website. We show you the most important locations and you can easily discover the campus from the comfort of your home.

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Laura Trinkner

Laura Trinkner

Student Assistant Student Advising Center
University of Mannheim
Division II – Student Affairs
L 1, 1
68161 Mannheim