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Details about State-to-State Programs.

I had the opportunity to spend two unforgettable semesters in Oregon, on the west coast of the USA, as part of the state-to-state program. Though studying abroad is the exception rather than the rule in law programs, the international experience you gain during a stay abroad is very valuable. Being able to understand a different legal system in a foreign language is very helpful. In addition, I had the chance to have my achievements recognized. Lust but not least, studying at an American university is a unique experience: I will always remember the spirit on campus, encounters with people from all over the world, and traveling throughout America.

Mariel Loko, graduate of the bachelor’s program in Business Law, state-to-state program Oregon, The Oregon State University in Corvallis (USA) / Photo credit: Ye Fung Tchen

During my semester abroad, I was able to blow off steam in an academic manner. This way, I found out how I wanted to pursue my master's degree. My host university taught me to approach things with more serenity. Why not choosing a course not because you have to but simply because you are interested in it? During my year abroad, I became aware of the fact that being a student at the University of Mannheim, you have freedom of choice and you should set ambitious goals and take risks because it's worth to take your chances. This is the reason why I want to do my master's degree abroad. I can only recommend studying abroad, no matter where. The only important thing is to approach things with the right attitude and to take advantage of your opportunities.

Carlo Stern, student in the bachelor’s program in Economics, state-to-state program California, San Francisco State University (USA) / Photo credit: Ye Fung Tchen

I spent my semester abroad in Connecticut, USA. My host university, the University of Connecticut, is surrounded by woods and farmland, giving it the impression of a typical American campus like those you know from the movies and television. My desire to experience a different country from a non-touristic point of view motivated me to go there. Spending a semester abroad was exactly what I was looking for. I got to know interesting people from both the USA and all over the world, found a new hobby and broadened my horizon. I am grateful that I was given the chance to make this experience and I can highly recommend it.

Alexander von Kiesling, student in the bachelor’s program in Psychology, state-to-state program Connecticut, University of Connecticut in Storrs (USA) / Photo credit: Privat




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