At the Schlossfest, which takes place every year in September, the new students are welcomed. Photo credit: Kathrin Holstein

Exchange students

Living and studying on a campus surrounding the Schloss Mannheim right at the heart of Europe. This is what students who opt for a semester at the University of Mannheim can expect. The campus really deserves to be called international – one in five students comes to Mannheim from abroad. Numerous rankings confirm that the University of Mannheim is one of the most renowned universities in Germany. Most importantly, the students confirm that a semester abroad in Mannheim always is the right choice.

According to the 2017 QS World University Ranking by Subject, the University of Mannheim is the best German university in Social Sciences (including Business Administration and Economics), and has been ranked number 65 worldwide.  The Mannheim Business School was number one in the German-speaking regions in the 2017 Financial Times Global MBA ranking and ranked number 54 among the top 100 business schools worldwide.

You are considered an exchange student if you study at the University of Mannheim for one or two semesters and if your home institution has concluded a bilateral agreement with the University of Mannheim. Afterwards, you will return to your home institution. Please note that you will not receive a degree from the University of Mannheim.

“Studying at the University of Mannheim is life-changing because the exchange program has opened new perspectives on life for me. I’ve met a great number of people from all corners of the world who told me their stories. That has influenced the way I approach my life. I think if exchange students look at their future here with a positive mind and an open heart, this will be one of the best times in their life.”

Amanda Ingram, exchange student in the bachelor’s program in Media and Communication Studies, Brock University in St. Catharines (Canada) / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

“After taking a look at several exchange locations, I’ve chosen Mannheim for the sole reason that I thought it might feel like a new home. I think it’s been one of the best choices of my life. The palace is an awesome place to study. I was baffled by the size and the look of the palace building.”

Kevin Evers, exchange student in the bachelor’s program in Economics, Tilburg University (Netherlands) / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

I’ve chosen the University of Mannheim because it is a very prestigious university. The city has a central location, and it is easy to travel around Germany. Furthermore, Mannheim is a university town, so it is a really nice place to study. The palace is really beautiful and impressing. No matter how good or bad my day has been, every time I pass by the palace, especially in the evening, I feel overwhelmed by how stunning it is.

Ana Soto González, exchange student in the bachelor’s program in Business Administration, ITESM Monterrey (Mexico) / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

There are many good reasons for studying one or two semester(s) abroad at the University of Mannheim. We are confident the following 5 reasons will convince you:

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Learn what you have to keep in mind when applying for a semester abroad, an internship, or as a free mover.

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Entry and Insurance

Is your home country visa-free? Do you need a private liability insurance in addition to your health insurance?

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Student housing, single room, or shared apartment? There are various housing options for exchange students in Mannheim.

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Exchange students may not only attend their respective program’s courses taught in English and German, they are also offered additional courses on German language and culture.

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Welcome Week

During the Welcome Week, the University of Mannheim organizes various orientation programs, receptions, and events in order to help international students settle in. Come to the orientation sessions to find out more and to meet your fellow exchange students.

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Things to do before you leave

Disenrollment, transcript of records, and de-registration at the residents’ registration office - there are quite a lot of things to do before you leave.