Business Informatics

Career prospects for graduates

Due to the rising demand from companies for graduates with in-depth knowledge and comprehension of IT and business administration, graduates of Business Informatics get to choose from a variety of career opportunities. Apart from starting a job after the bachelor’s program, you can also continue your studies in the master’s program in Business Informatics (M.Sc.), the Mannheim Master of Data Science (M.Sc.) or the Mannheim Master in Management (M.Sc.) programs.

Potential careers

With a degree in Business Informatics you can start a career in the following industries, among others:

  • Banks, insurance companies, financial service providers, business consultancies, software and IT companies

    Business or IT consultants advise managers on the development of IT solutions and new applications, and develop business models for digital products and services.

    Project managers initiate and lead IT projects within a single or between several companies.

    Web, software or business developers create cutting-edge technological solutions for the future. For example, they program apps, build online shops with recommendation systems, or develop electronic services for connected cars or smart homes.

  • Data science

    Data engineers or data analysts deal with processing and understanding data. There are several ways to specialize in the field of data science. Data analysts prepare data reports and visualize data in order to explain the learnings from the gathered data to companies. Data engineers strongly rely on their skills and experience in software engineering when encoding and cleansing large volumes of data.

  • Science and research

    Scientists in the field of Business Informatics research theoretical and practical topics regarding the application of information and communication technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and AI. The master’s program in Business Informatics is the perfect choice if you plan to continue your academic training with a doctoral program in order to pursue a career in science and research.