Vor einer grünen, hügeligen Panoramalandschaft hält ein Student ein Bild von der Universität Mannheim vor sein Gesicht.

Information Sessions about Studying Abroad

Are you interested in studying abroad?

The International Office is here to help you plan your study abroad. Visit our introductory sessions!

  1. An absolute MUST: attend the session “Study Abroad Bascis” by the International Office! Or, if you are a Business or BA4 student, go to the introductory session of your school.
    This session covers the basics: What is an exchange program? How do I apply ?  What options to finance my stay do I have?
    Recommended for: undergraduate students in the first or second semester, graduate students in their first semester, and everyone who is currently planning to go abroad.
  2. For additional questions, please watch the videos about various specific topics afterwards. These videos cover topics such as detailed information on language tests, scholarships or state-to-state programs. Or you read up on these points on our website!

Study Abroad Basics

For all students except Business and BA4

Date Time Room Topic Target Group Language
16Apri 2024 5:15 p.m. (approx. 1.5 hour) EO 145 Study Abroad Basics all students, except for Business and BA4 German

Please find here the slides of the introductory session “Study Abroad Basics”.

Introductory Sessions for Business Students

offered by your school

You will be notified about the introductory sessions for the semester abroad for Business Administration and Business Education students by your school via e-mail and newsletter.

The introductory events for Bachelor students take place in the 3rd semester of study.

The introductory sessions for the semester abroad and the double-degree programs for Master's students take place right at the beginning of the 1st semester.

Introductory Sessions for BA4 students

offered by your school

You will be notified about the introductory session for the year abroad for bachelor’s program Romance Languages, Literatures and Media (BA4) students by the academic advisors of your school.

Information Videos on Specific Topics

If you want to get more in-depth information after the basic introduction or the faculty introductory session, you can watch the info videos on specific topics which go into greater detail. Alternatively, please check out the appropriate sections on the website!

Information session about the ­Application for the University of Mannheim's Exchange Programs
(for all students, except for Business and BA4)

Recording     Slides

Information session about Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities for Studying Abroad
(for all students)

Recording     Slides

Information session about Language Proficiency Tests for Exchange Programs of the University of Mannheim
(for all students)

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Information session about Studying Abroad through State-to-State Programs
(for all students)

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    Eine junge Frau trägt eine schwarze Winterjacke und eine graue Mütze. Im Hintergrund ist ein schneebedeckter Wald zu sehen.

    During my semester abroad in Montreal, Canada, I experienced many new things, forged many international friendships and gained a new home. Small cafés, endless national parks, modern skyscrapers and the historic old harbor, hikes in the sunshine and in the snow... Both the city and its surroundings are very diverse, as are Montreal’s inhabitants. This diversity is also reflected in the language. As a student in the master’s program in Language and Communication, I found the situations of language contact to be very interesting and enjoyed learning from everyday life and not only from books. Thanks to my stay abroad, I grew both academically and personally. This is my advice: If you have the opportunity to go abroad: Do it!

    Laura Hock, student in the master’s program in Language and Communication, Concordia University in Montreal (Canada) / Credit: Privat
    Ein Porträt von Bastian Biemer. Er trägt kurzes braunes Haar und ein hellblaues Hemd.

    During my bachelor's degree, I spent a semester abroad in Bangkok. Chulalongkorn University is a very modern university and it was interesting to see how teaching is done there. Bangkok is the perfect starting point for traveling all around Asia and immersing yourself in different cultures. The semester abroad was also an admission requirement for my current master’s program.

    Bastian Biemer, student in the Mannheim Master in Management program, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok (Thailand) / Credit: Ye Fung Tchen
    Eine junge Frau steht vor dem Mannheimer Schloss. Sie trägt einen grauen Strickpullover und lange, braune Haare.

    I spent my Erasmus semester in the north of Italy. It was the most amazing and exciting experience I ever had. Besides discovering a wide variety of people, cultures and languages from all over the world, you also develop yourself personally during this time. At the beginning it is, of course, very unusual to be in a foreign environment, but once you get used to the situation and have settled in, you do not want to leave anymore. The great thing about a semester abroad with Erasmus is that you get to know the host country, its traditions, its culture and the local way of life intensively and expand your own horizons.

    I have found a second home and friends for life. This experience was a wonderful enrichment. I can only recommend to everyone who has the chance to study abroad for a semester or two.

    Louisa Amenta, student in the bachelor’s program Culture and Economy: Italian Studies, Università degli studi di Ferrara (Italy) / Credit: Jula Jacob

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