Career prospects for graduates

In Economics, you focus on the economy as a whole and look at topics like joblessness, income, or inflation. The concepts and methods acquired during the program in Economics can be applied to a multitude of questions in economics, politics, and society. Economics is a degree program with varied contents which offers good career prospects.

Potential careers

The fields of work for graduates in Economics are diverse.

  • Private economy

    Potential employers are production and service companies, including consulting firms. Due to extensive analytical skills and a high level of knowledge in Economics, economists can work in many areas of a company. For example, they can create analyses with a focus on the economy as a whole or for individual sectors, they can develop systems, strategies and organization alternatives for companies and their departments.

  • Financing and credits

    Economics can work in research or finance planning, may evaluate credits or creditworthiness in central banks or other banks as well as in insurance companies.

  • International organizations

    Global organizations may also be employers for graduates with a degree in Economics. Economists often work at the interface of politics and the economy.

  • Public sector

    Economists can also work at public institutions, chambers, associations, or state or federal ministries.

  • Academia

    If you decide to get a master’s degree, you can also pursue a career in academia. The master’s program in Literary Studies is the perfect choice if you plan to continue your academic training with a doctoral program in order to pursue a career in science and research.