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International Degree-Seeking Students

Numerous rankings confirm that the University of Mannheim is one of the most renowned universities in Germany. According to the QS World University Ranking by Subject, the University of Mannheim is the best German university in Social Sciences (including Business Administration and Economics), and has been ranked number 65 worldwide. The campus surrounding Mannheim’s baroque palace is a place where bright minds from across the globe come together to learn, discuss, research, and prepare to make their mark on the world. Every fifth student at the university comes from abroad to pursue their bachelor’s or master’s degree, or doctorate in Mannheim. As part of the program STEP by STEP the University of Mannheim offers international degree-seeking students comprehensive assistance in preparing for their transition into the world of work.

Would you like to complete your whole program of study at the University of Mannheim? Do you wish to gain a degree from the University of Mannheim? Here you can find all information on the university’s degree programs, applying, and the basic conditions for studying in Mannheim. 

The University of Mannheim has an exceptionally good reputation – when it comes to my field of study, it’s the best in many university rankings. Some friends of mine also studied in Mannheim and told me lots of good things about the university. So, I decided to apply as well. My fellow students come from all over the world. There are also good links with the business community. We can attend guest lectures and workshops with representatives from many different companies.

Georgi Popov, student in the Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) program, Sofia (Bulgaria) / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

I really like the University of Mannheim. My professors are great and the support is outstanding. In my first statistics exam, my professor came over three times to make sure I had understood everything. This is certainly not the case at other universities. Moreover, I never felt like I had been left alone. When I moved to Germany, there were several introductory events, like the “Ersti Party” for freshmen, where I made my first friends.

Isabel Jaramillo Chujón, student in the bachelor's program in Psychology, Quito (Ecuador) / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

Why did I choose Mannheim? I had several options, but the University of Mannheim is one of the best universities. Compared to other German universities, like Cologne or Berlin, Mannheim is much more international, especially when it comes to the school and the research concentrations.

Xi Lin, student in the master's program in Economics, Beijing (China) / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica
myUniMA story

International degree-seeking students wish to pursue their degree at the University of Mannheim. In the column myUniMA story, which is published once a month, they report on their unique personal experiences in Mannheim.

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Prior to your arrival

You have successfully applied for a study place and received an admission from the University of Mannheim. Read about the things to do in your home country before you leave for Germany.

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Upon your arrival

Finally, you have arrived in Mannheim, but what are the next steps? Read about the enrollment procedure, the university’s Welcome Week for international students, and other topics that are relevant after your arrival.

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During your studies

You are currently studying at the University of Mannheim and want to know what you have to keep in mind as international degree-seeking student?

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Starting your career

Do you wish to start working in Germany? Project Step by Step seeks to help international students integrate in the German labor market. 


Team International Degree-Seeking Students

Team International Degree-Seeking Students

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