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The University of Mannheim offers first-rate bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, which are unique in Germany. Numerous university rankings confirm the high quality of the programs available. An academic calendar aligned with the international academic year as well as 450 partner universities open up the University of Mannheim to the rest of the world.


Photo credit: Anna Logue
Important Dates

Spring semester: February 1–July 31

Fall semester: August 1–January 31


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Photo credit: Anna Logue

60 degree programs.

Clearly structured.

With an interdisciplinary focus.


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I decided to enroll in the Teacher Education program at the University of Mannheim because of the university’s outstanding reputation. I also really liked the city’s character.

The university’s international focus impresses me - it is partners with numerous universities around the world. I was able to spend a semester studying in England. The Teacher Education program is diverse and gives its students a thorough insight into the different disciplines.

Vincent Haardt, student of B.Ed. Political Science and English / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

The main advantage of the bachelor’s program in Culture and Economy is that you can combine two different subjects. This qualifies you to work in different sectors after graduation, or you can decide to complete a master’s program and specialize in one field. Media and Communication Studies involves a variety of topics. During the program, you gain an insight into public relations, analyze films and television programs, and learn about how the Media can influence society.

Jianing Shen, student of B.A. Culture and Economy: Media and Communication Studies / Photo credit: Milena Gropp

I decided to study in Mannheim because of the degree programs available and the university’s good reputation. I was impressed by the extensive and varied range of modules available in Economic and Business Education. A big advantage of the program is that you don’t have to know which career you want to pursue straight away. Depending on your skills and interests, the degree enables you to become a teacher, or to work in the private sector or in academia. I am currently a teacher with higher level civil servant status at the largest secondary school with a commercial focus in the south of the Baden region.

Christian Köhn, graduate of M.Sc. Economic and Business Education / Private photo

I decided to study at the University of Mannheim because it was recommended to me by friends. I also like its international focus. I wanted to study a program that had interesting content and good career options. The combination of German Studies and Media and Communication Studies gives me exactly what I was looking for. I particularly like that the lectures and seminars address the latest social or political topics or occurrences.

Bettina Kohler, student of B.A. German Studies: Language, Literature, Media / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

I really liked how my fellow students and professors all got on really well – it was almost like we were family. We had a lot of discussions over the course of the program, which taught me to think logically, to reflect critically on my arguments, and to be more precise. By studying a specialist subject, I was able to gain a thorough understanding of Economics. The courses on political philosophy and business ethics went really well together and gave me a great starting point for my master’s program in International Relations.

Fabian Jung, graduate of B.A. Culture and Economy: Philosophy; student of the master’s program in International Relations – European Studies, Budapest / Private photo