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Being a student at the University of Mannheim means you get to study in a palace building, live in a colorful city, and benefit from unique, outstanding, and international programs.

Pamina Heermann hat braune lange Haare und trägt Creolen-Ohrringe. Sie trägt einen schwarzen Strickrollkragenpullover und darüber ein lockeres rostbraunes Hemd. Sie steht vor dem Mannheimer Schloss.

I decided to study at the University of Mannheim because of it’s excellent reputation in the field of Business Administration, the program’s international orientation, and the integrated semester abroad. Another important aspect is the wide range of courses students can choose from, which allows you to get to know all fields of Business Administration – from accounting and HR to marketing. On top of that, lectures are held in a palace building! This made the Mannheim program in Business Administration my first choice.

Pamina Heermann, student of the bachelor's program in Business Administration / Credit: Jula Jacob

The University of Mannheim offers excellent Teacher Education programs. As students, we receive an exceptional academic training in subject-specific topics complemented by courses in Teaching Methodology and Education Sciences that have a strong practical orientation, thus preparing us very well for our future daily routine as teachers. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to choose a third subject, the so-called Master of Education Extension Subject, while still in the bachelor’s program. This way, it is possible to pursue one’s own interests and even improve one’s career prospects without having to extend the duration of the program. This is the reason why the University of Mannheim is an outstanding university to study Teacher Education.

Sören Hengstberger, student in the program in Teacher Education: German Studies, Economics, Political Science / Credit: Jula Jacob
Anna Wildhirt hat langes, blondes Haar. Sie trägt eine beige Jacke und darunter eine weiße Bluse.

At the University of Mannheim, I was able to combine my passion for Philosophy with Economics, which made for really diverse studies. At the same time, I learned that there are always multiple answers to one and the same question. The ability to view things from different angles forms the core of my academic education.

Anna Wildhirt, graduate of the bachelor’s program in Culture and Economy: Philosophy / Credit: Daniela Haupt

I had already completed my bachelor's degree at the University of Mannheim and wanted to stay for my master's. According to various rankings, such as the Times Higher Education Ranking, the Department of Economics of the University of Mannheim is among the leading ones in Europe. In addition, the diversity of the courses on offer in the master’s program is unique: You can even specialize in Competition and Regulation. And indeed: Mannheim is a very livable and lovable city. The city has much more to offer than you may think at fist!

Paul Mannschreck, student of the master’s program in Economics / Credit: Ye Fung Tchen
Thi Diem Mi Nguyen hat dunkle lange Haare und trägt ein schwarzes Oberteil.

The Mathematics in Business and Economics program at the University of Mannheim teaches us to use our mathematical knowledge to solve problems from the business world. Thanks to a variety of electives, the master’s program allows me to tailor the curriculum to my individual interests and choose a specialization that prepares me for my future career.

Thi Diem Mi Nguyen, student of the master’s program in Mathematics in Business and Economics / Credit: Ye Fung Tchen

Zwei Studentinnen stehen sich gegenüber und unterhalten sich in der Bibliothek.
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