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Together with its partners in the ENGAGE.EU alliance (LUISS University, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Tilburg University, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, University of National and World Economy, WU Vienna), University of Mannheim is participating in the creation of a joint ENGAGE.EU University Campus to offer a range of virtual mobility study opportunities.

Since fall 2020, students from above mentioned partner universities can apply for a range of online courses offered by University of Mannheim within the framework of the ENGAGE.EU Online Exchange Initiative (OEI).

Online Exchange Initiative (OEI) – Fall Semester 2023

Since fall 2020, students from above mentioned partner universities can apply for a range of online courses offered by University of Mannheim within the framework of the ENGAGE.EU Online Exchange Initiative (OEI).

As a participant, you will be part of a virtual and international classroom. Benefit from international learning opportunities and exchange ideas with students from different countries! For more information, please take a look at the FaQs in the Application Process section below!

University of Mannheim's OEI Course Catalog for the Fall Semester 2023

ENGAGE.EU Modules @ University of Mannheim

In fall 2023, ENGAGE.EU universities offer ENGAGE Modules, usually consisting of 2 – 3 online courses in two consecutive semesters. The University of Mannheim will offer one ENGAGE.EU Module in the fall semester 2023, open for both 3rd+ year Bachelor students and Master students.

Application Process (OEI incl. Signature Course & Modules)

  • Requirements – Who can apply?

    The online course offer is available to students studying at the following partner universities:

    • LUISS University
    • NHH Norwegian School of Economics
    • Tilburg University
    • Université Toulouse 1 Capitole
    • University of National and World Economy
    • WU Vienna

    Bachelor’s level courses: enrollment in a bachelor’s program at a partner university in the fall semester 2023; Ideally, you have completed one year of full time studies which amounts to 60 ECTS Credits.

    Master’s level courses: enrollment in a master’s program at a partner university in the fall semester 2023.

    Please note: in addition to the above mentioned general admission requirements, single courses may also have special admission requirements such as previous knowledge in the field etc. Please take a close look at the course descriptions and stated requirements in the course catalog below.

  • Application period – Until when can I apply?

    The application period will open on 1 June 2023 and will close on 1 July 2023. All applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application by 21 July 2023 at the latest.

  • I am not sure if I get a credit transfer approval from my home university before the application period ends – what should I do?

    We encourage you to apply even if you do not have final credit transfer approval from your home university at the time of application. Should you find out that credit transfer is not possible at your home university and would not like to attend an ENGAGE course at University of Mannheim any more, kindly write an e-mail to oei.engage uni-mannheim.de and state that you would like to cancel your particpation.

  • I got admitted at University of Mannheim – but now I realize that I cannot participate in the course anymore, what should I do?

    Please write an e-mail to oei.engage uni-mannheim.de and indicate which course you would like to de-register from. In case you de-register from all courses you were admitted for, please send a written request for disregistration to the above mentioned e-mail address.

  • Are there any fees?

    Tuition fees and administrative fees for participating students of this initiative are waived. Please note that you have to bear the costs for reading materials and literature if a course requires the like.

  • Transcript of Records

    At the end of your virtual exchange, you will receive an official transcipt of records from University of Mannheim. For credit transfer options, please check with your home institution.

  • Application – How can I apply and what do I need to submit?

    To begin your application, please complete the online form linked below. After submitting the form, you will be asked to register with our Mobility Online Portal to complete your application. In our portal, you will be asked to upload

    1. Motivation Letter (template will be provided on our portal)
    2. Confirmation of enrollment at your home university
    3. Transcript of records

    In our portal, you will then be able to indicate the courses you would like to apply for:

    • In case you apply for OEI courses incl. Signature Course, you may list of up to 5 courses you would be interested in (state your priority for each course) and the maximum number of courses you wish to attend. You can attend a maximum of 3 courses.
    • In case you apply for the ENGAGE.EU Module, you will need to list the respective Module's 2 courses as your first 2 priorities. In case you would like to add more OEI courses to your application, you are welcome to list them as priority 3–5. Should you get admitted to all two courses of the respective ENGAGE.EU Module, you will be admitted to this Module. In case you will not get admitted to all of the Module's courses, you may still attend these courses as individual OEI courses, if you wish. You can attend a maximum of 3 courses.

    The selection will be based on an evaluation of your overall academic performance (transcript of records) and the statement of motivation. University of Mannheim will inform its partner universities about the admitted students, so they can confirm the students' selection and enrollment.

    Please note: Enrollment at the home institution during the fall semester 2023 is mandatory for registration as an OEI/Signature Course/Modules student at University of Mannheim in fall semester 2023. Should students lose their enrollment status at the home institution after having been admitted and registered for OEI/Signature Course/Modules at University of Mannheim, disregistration at University of Mannheim will also be enforced.

Claudius Werry

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