Four Steps to University

In the following, you will find a short guide to help you sort out your thoughts on the search for the right degree program ... Grab a pen and take notes!

Step 1

What are my interests?

Your individual interests, skills, and goals are the best starting points for finding degree programs that are right for you. Think about the following questions ...

  • Explore your interests, skills, and strengths


    What do I enjoy doing?
    Which school subjects do I like?
    What do I like to do in my free time?
    What do I like to talk about?

    Skills and strengths

    What subjects am I good at?
    What am I good at outside of school?
    When am I particularly proud of myself?

    Values and objectives

    What matters to me in life?
    What makes me special?
    What should the balance between job, free time, and family be like?
    Am I comfortable with change or do I need security?

    Career aspirations

    What is my dream job and why?
    Which fields of work am I interested in?
    What kind of activities would I like to perform?
    What does my ideal working day look like?

Step 2

In which areas and fields of study shall I look for the right program?

If you are clear about your interests, goals, and strengths, you can proceed in small steps: From comprehensive areas of study (such as Linguistics and Cultural Studies) to more specific fields of study (such as German and English Studies) and finally to the individual programs of study.

  • Find suitable areas of study, fields of study, and programs

    Areas of study

    • Business Administration, Economics or Law
    • Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences
    • Social Sciences, Sports
    • Linguistics and Cultural Studies, Art and Design
    • Teacher Education
    • Engineering
    • Agriculture and Forestry
    • Medicine, Health Care
    • Public Administration

    Fields of study

    For example, research the pages of to find out which fields of study you might be interested in within the area of study you have selected. Then prioritize your choice.

    Useful questions that may help you are: What do I like about the area of study? Why am I interested in this field of study?


    Based on your priorities, you can now search for suitable degree programs within the fields of study you have identified. You can use the database of the Higher Education Compass for this purpose. You will find more detailed information on the programs you are interested in on the websites of the respective universities.

    The University of Mannheim offers 33 bachelor's programs for which you can find detailed program descriptions.

    to the program descriptions

Step 3

Which decision criteria are important to me?

In order to decide which degree program you actually want to apply for, it can help to formulate and prioritize decision criteria – and then take a closer look at your favorites.

  • Defining criteria for choosing a program

    Course contents

    How important is it to you that your program is in line with your interests and you find (almost) all courses and topics exciting?

    ► The most important sources of information on the contents of a degree program are the module catalogs of the degree programs. You can find all courses in the up-to-date course catalog.

    Program requirements

    How likely is it that you willdo well in the coursesand be satisfied with yourexam results?

    ► It is helpful to talk to advisors or other students to be able to better assess the requirements of your program. Another option is taking part in online aptitude tests, which are offered by various universities.

    Career prospects

    Does your program of study correspond to your career goals? Or, in case you do not yet have a specific career path in mind: How important are good career prospects and good pay to you?

    ► Find information on career options, labor market, and salary prospects on the websites of the Employment Agency or the Institute for Employment Research. You can also find career reports from our alumni on our website.

    University and location

    Is there a particular university at which you would like to study or a particular city where you would like to live?

    ► Your choice can, for example, depend on the curriculum, its international orientation, rankings, or the atmosphere on campus. Choosing a place of study is closely linked to these aspects. In addition, the size of the city, available leisure activities, and the distance to your hometown may be relevant. By the way: Mannheim is a very lively and vibrant city for students.

Step 4

What points do I need to consider in the application process?

Create a ranking of the degree programs that you are interested in. This allows you to decide which degree programs you really want to apply for. You should also consider alternatives in order to ensure that, at the end of the application process, you are sure to receive at least one letter of admission.

  • Application requirements and deadlines

    Application deadlines

    Pay attention to the applying application deadlines. You can find these on the websites of the respective universities. Please note that the University of Mannheim has an international academic calendar. For this reason, application deadlines end slightly earlier than at other universities. You can subscribe to a application deadline reminder.

    Application and admission requirements

    Find out about the application and admission requirements of the programs you are interested in. You can find this information on the websites of the respective universities. At the University of Mannheim, the selection statutes of the individual programs provide you with detailed information.
    DocumentsFind out which documents you need to submit with your application. Depending on where you come from and what qualifications you have, you will need to submit different documents and proofs. At the University of Mannheim, the Admissions Office will provide you with information on the respective requirements as well as with support and advice.
    Off you go

    Submit your application. We would be delighted if you would like to apply for a degree program at the University of Mannheim!

    Start your application