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To register for your next semester, you must transfer the semester fee as well as any additional tuition fees to the university in due time:

  • Students from non-EU/EEA states who are required to pay tuition fees for international students need to pay an additional EUR 1,500.00.
  • Students who are pursuing a second degree and are obliged to pay tuition fees need to pay an additional EUR 650.00.

Please transfer the amount to the bank account of the University of Mannheim. As payment reference, please make sure to indicate your name, student ID number, and the semester for which you wish to re-register.

The total amount must be credited to the bank account of the University of Mannheim no later than on the last day of the re-registration period (for the spring semester no later than 1 December, for the fall semester no later than 15 June).

In the student portal under Show my data and fees, you can see which payments you have already made and which payments are still due.

Please note:
In case you re-register too late, the University of Mannheim charges an additional fee of EUR 20 for late registration.

Information on re-registration

  • Completion of studies

    If you have completed your degree and do not re-register for this reason, you will be disenrolled by virtue of office at the end of the respective semester. Please keep in mind that for you to obtain the disenrollment documents, proper disenrollment upon request is required.

  • Examinations during the re-sit period

    You do not need to re-register if you still need to take an exam at the beginning of the next semester which is technically part of the previous semester (e.g., during the weeklong re-sit period). Please be aware, however, that it may be favorable for you to re-register for the next semester since this entitles you to a low-priced student health insurance plan and your parents may continue to receive child benefit.

  • Subsequent master's program

    Please do not re-register if you have just completed your bachelor’s program and have applied for a master's program at the University of Mannheim. Usually, at the time you would re-register, it is not yet clear whether you will be admitted to the master's program. As soon as you send us the official letter of admission for the master’s program and proof of payment of the semester fee, we will register you for the new program.


Express Service

Express Service

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