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Parallel Studies

Pursuing parallel studies means that a student is studying two different programs of study at the same time and will therefore be awarded two different degrees from one or two higher education institutions. If you would like to take up parallel studies, you need to submit a request before enrolling in the second program. Please use the request form provided below under “Download”.

Students requesting to be admitted to parallel studies can only enroll in two or more selective degree programs if they have specific professional, academic, or artistic reasons for doing so. If this applies to you, please submit an explanation outlining good reasons for your decision with your request form (see section 60 subsection 1 of the act on the higher education institutions in the Land of Baden-Württemberg (LHG)).

Information on parallel studies

  • Tips on pursuing two degrees in parallel

    The additional workload that comes with pursuing two degrees in parallel should not be underestimated. We recommend that you begin your second program of study only after you have completed at least two semesters in your first program as starting a degree program can be challenging and requires you to put in a lot of time and effort. By delaying the start of your second program, you are also in a better position to judge whether this degree program is really necessary to achieve your personal goals. For example, doing an internship in a relevant field may be better suited to start your desired career than completing another program of study.

  • Examination deadlines

    Please note: being enrolled in two programs in parallel is not a valid reason to be granted an extension of an examination deadline. The deadlines stipulated in the examination regulations (orientation examination, maximum period of study) will not be extended when taking up parallel studies.

  • Advice

    If you are considering pursuing parallel studies, we recommend consulting with Alexandra Theobalt before submitting a corresponding request.

Tuition fees for a second degree in Baden-Württemberg

Since the fall semester 2017/2018, second degree students are obliged to pay a tuition fee of EUR 650 per semester. The fee is to be paid in addition to the semester fee. A student enrolled in two programs of study at once is deemed to pursue a second degree as soon as one of the programs studied in parallel is completed. If students continue their studies in the second program, they will be charged a tuition fee for the second degree. The fee is due from the beginning of the semester following graduation from the first degree program.

Read more about tuition fees for a second degree

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