The Baden-Wuerttemberg/North Carolina Exchange Program

The Baden-Wuerttemberg/North Carolina Exchange Program arranges student exchanges between North Carolina (USA) and the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Each year about 42 students from each state are nominated to study abroad in order to gain academic and life experience.

The Baden-Wuerttemberg/North Carolina Exchange Program has existed since 1996. The University of Mannheim coordinates things on the German side, including nominating German students to study abroad in North Carolina. The University of Mannheim also places students from North Carolina in their respective universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Likewise, our colleagues in Greensboro, coordinate things on the American side. The exchange program comprises 15 universities in North Carolina and 9 universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg, offering students an incredibly rich academic experience. Each university in Baden-Wuerttemberg and North Carolina possesses its own unique profile, special identity, and historical background.

This website provides you with an overview of the Baden-Wuerttemberg/North Carolina Exchange Program. Likewise, you are welcome to inform yourself more about the individual universities and on how the exchange is organized in its bureaucratic way.

Website of the Exchange Program at the University of North Carolina (Greensboro): 

Information about Baden-Wuerttemberg

Baden-Wuerttemberg is located in southwest Germany. Its scenic and cultural diversity offers a high quality of living. Baden-Wuerttemberg is also one of the strongest and most competitive economic regions in Europe. Moreover, it has among the most prestigious universities in Germany.

You can find information on the German universities that take part in the State-To-State Program on the following websites.

Information about North Carolina

North Carolina is located in the southeastern United States on the Atlantic coast. Not only is North Carolina geographically highly diverse, including mountainous regions such as the Great-Smoky-Mountains-National Park and its coastal setting, but culturally rich as well due to the pivotal role it played in the founding of the United States. North Carolina also features several prestigious universities; in total, 15 of these institutions take part in the State-To-State Program with Baden-Wuerttemberg.

You can find out more detailed information on these universities on the following webpages.

Organizing Students' Exchange

Planning a study abroad in Baden-Wuerttemberg through the State-To-State Program involves many steps and a good deal of planning. Compared to German students, the students from North Carolina are nominated twice a year to go abroad. Consequently, the selection process happens twice a year, once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester.

Coordinators in Mannheim

Birgit Heilig

Birgit Heilig (she/her)

Director of the International Office
On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in homeoffice available via e-mail only
University of Mannheim
Division II – Student Affairs
International Office
L 1, 1 – Room 161
68161 Mannheim
Lukas Dausend

Lukas Dausend (he/him)

Team Coordinator | Study Abroad and Bilateral Agreements (USA, Canada, Israel)
Working from home every Thursday and Friday as well as Monday in odd calendar weeks; available only via E-Mail on these days.
University of Mannheim
Division II – Student Affairs
International Office
L 1, 1 – Room 105
68161 Mannheim