Economics, business, and social sciences are the core research areas of the University of Mannheim. Thanks to its research contribution, the university has been ranking among the top 20 European higher education institutions in these fields for many years. Key focus areas of Mannheim researchers include decision-making processes and elections, governance, regulation, competition and innovation, migration and multilingualism, and the culture of change.

The Research Profile of the Universität Mannheim
The Main Research Areas of the University of Mannheim

Research News

Would you like to speak to a specialist about the topic of a newspaper article, or radio or TV report that you are working on? There are over 200 experts from the University of Mannheim that you can speak to.

Researchers from the University of Mannheim are highly regarded interview partners for the national and international Media.

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On our websites for researchers and teachers, you can find information on applying for funding, publishing research findings, and much more.

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Have you already started your doctoral studies? Or, are you thinking about pursuing a doctorate? The University of Mannheim will advise and support you in all stages of your doctorate.

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International Researchers

International researchers planning a stay at the University of Mannheim can find out about all necessary steps on the website of the Welcome Center.

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Latest information on funding programs, competitions, and the promotion of early-stage researchers

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Turning your idea into a project: Experts at the University of Mannheim support researchers throughout each phase of their project.