Academic courses

The University of Mannheim offers a large selection of courses that are taught in English. You can thus complete an exchange program at the University of Mannheim without prior German language skills.
You may not only attend courses offered by your school but also several courses of other schools. These are called university-wide electives. Please ask the responsible exchange coordinator at your home institution whether you will get ECTS credits for the language courses offered at the University of Mannheim.

The University of Mannheim is very international. Many classes are held in English. The coordinators are also really friendly and they all tried to help me to select my classes and to settle in easily.

Georgia Kasfiki, exchange student in the bachelor’s program in Business Administration, Athens University of Economics in Athens (Greece) / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

Language courses

At the University of Mannheim, exchange students are offered the opportunity to attend a broad range of German language courses. Before the beginning of the semester, preparatory German language courses are organized as part of the International Winter Academy or the International Summer Academy, respectively. More courses on German language and culture are offered during the semester.
Besides attending German language courses, students also have the opportunity to learn other foreign languages. For example, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese language courses are offered as part of the Studium Generale organized by the Service und Marketing GmbH.  Yet, you need to have a good level of German language proficiency in order to be able to participate in these courses because they are taught in German. In order to attend courses offered as part of the Studium Generale you need to complete the online application in time. Please note that you will not receive any ECTS credits for these courses.

Course catalog for exchange students

Which courses are offered at my school? How many ECTS credits will I get per course? May I also attend courses offered by other schools? If you have questions like these, please see the following pages for detailed information.

Program of the Summer and Winter Academies

Yet, the International Summer and Winter Academies have much more to offer than just language courses: In addition to the intensive language course that takes place in the morning, you will have the opportunity to attend a wide range of seminars.

Courses on German language and culture

Would you like to improve your German language skills or learn more about German culture? Then you have come to the right place. The International Office offers courses on German language and culture that take place during the semester and are tailor-made for exchange students.