Bodies and Committees

The University Supervisory Board and the Senate are the central bodies of the University of Mannheim.

The University Supervisory Board is the university’s statutory supervisory body, comparable to the supervisory board of a company, and is responsible for the development of the higher education institution.

The Senate decides on all academic affairs of fundamental significance for research, teaching, study and continuing education, unless another central body or the schools are responsible for these areas by law.

Committees and councils advise and support both bodies.

Schedule of meetings

The schedule of meetings of the individual university bodies in the upcoming semesters is available here.

Organizing the work of the bodies and committees

Members of the bodies and committees can go to the information portal “Session” to download important information for the work of the bodies and committees.

Announcements and instructions in connection with the elections for the bodies and committees at the University of Mannheim are published on the website Elections for committees and bodies.