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Our Benefits for Staff Members

Developing one’s full potential at work is also a matter of the right framework conditions. These have been established by the University of Mannheim in the form of various benefits that the university offers its staff members. Among these are flexible working schedules, various health promotion approaches, an innovative academic working environment, numerous opportunities for continuous education and training as well as risk protection measures such as occupational pension schemes. Moreover, the University of Mannheim has been certified as a “family-friendly higher education institution” and supports families with child care during working hours and school holidays.

Overview of all benefits

Flexible work schedules and arrangements
With flexitime and telework options, we help you reconciling your professional and family responsibilities.

30 vacation days
Benefit from 30 vacation days per year plus paid leave on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

JobTicket BW
The state of Baden-Württemberg offers all state employees a subsidy of 25 euros per month (as of April 2023) for the Deutschlandticket Job or Jobticket BW.

Central location
The university is located right in the center of Mannheim and can therefore be easily reached by public transport.

The Mensa on campus
In our Mensa, you can choose from a wide variety of meals, including vegetarian and/or vegan food. It is located directly on campus next to the Schloss.

Continuing education and training
Please do not hesitate to capitalize on our manifold program. Continuously refresh your qualifications or specialize in certain topics taking your career to the next level.

Ergonomic workplace
We offer you a working environment that meets your physical and mental needs. This way, we enable you to work efficiently.

Positive working atmosphere
Within the university, we put great emphasis on a friendly working atmosphere, team spirit, respect and tolerance as well as mutual appreciation.

Innovative work environment
Benefit from an innovative academic work environment that brings together people from a variety of fields and encourages them to engage in the academic discourse.

Working in a palace
History-charged and charming – not many people can claim that they work in or in the immediate vicinity of Germany’s largest baroque palace.

Mannheim – city of culture
With its manifold museums and cultural institutions, the “city of squares” boosts a multifaceted and exciting variety of activities. Local promoters contribute to the cultural life of the city.

Dual Career Service
We assist researchers and their partners in establishing new career paths in Mannheim and are happy to support them with their dual-career planning.

Sports program for staff members
In order to help you harmonize your work-life balance, the Institute of Sports offers a wide range of sports. Courses are provided at various performance levels and given by professional instructors. Most of them are offered free of charge.

Workplace health promotion
By providing services in the fields of physical exercise, nutrition, prevention and stress management, the university supports a healthy lifestyle. Various departments of the university work together to create a holistic and sustainable health promotion approach. More information

At the University of Mannheim, appreciation and tolerance are cultivated as essential factors for treating each other with respect and acting as one across all fields. With the “Code of Conduct of the University of Mannheim”, the university commits itself to a non-discriminating environment for all members and affiliates of the university.

Family-friendly higher education institution
Families are multifaceted and diverse. As a certified “family-friendly higher education institution”, we are happy to assist you in reconciling family life and work as best as possible. Flexible working schedules, telework options, the university’s Parent and Child Room as well as child care facilities are but a few options that you can make use of according to your individual needs.

The University of Mannheim attributes great importance to international exchange in teaching and research and promotes the collaboration with universities and other partners around the world (see internationalization strategy).

Women in leadership positions
Our goal: to help you achieve your goals!
Individual support and the best possible working conditions for the reconciliation of family responsibilities and work for women working in administration, at the University Library or University IT as well as for those involved in research and teaching, form an essential foundation for your career.

Our university shall be accessible to everybody – including, for example, people with a physical disability or people pushing a stroller. Therefore, our aim is to successively make the entire campus barrier-free.

Outstanding research culture Economics and Business Administration as well as Social Sciences are the core research areas of the University of Mannheim. Thanks to its research contribution, the university has ranked among the top 20 European higher education institutions in these fields for many years.

Occupational pension scheme
As a public service employer, we offer you capital-forming payments in addition to an occupational pension plan.

Occupational pension plan for the public service
Supplementary pension in public service is an occupational pension scheme that will be paid in addition to the regular statutory pension. In general, it is a type of compulsory insurance.


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