Country-Specific Support

There is special funding and information available for some countries and regions. We have listed details for a number of host countries in alphabetical order. We have thoroughly researched the information provided, however, we do not assume liability for its accuracy. We thus recommend checking the websites of the funding organizations for details. Please let us know if you find any mistakes or discrepancies.

  • Asia

    Asia Exchange

    The Finnish organization Asia Exchange offers students free-of-charge support in applying for a self-organized stay abroad in East Asia. Their services for students interested in a stay abroad in Asia comprise informative online seminars and information on scholarship options as well as links to internships and exchange programs offered by special partner institutions of Asia Exchange.

    ASEM-DUO Scholarship

    The ASEM-DUO scholarship is a unique scholarship program that relies on the cooperation of Asian and European partner universities. The idea is for both sides to nominate selected exchange students who will then apply for scholarships as teams of two. The Asian side always initiates and coordinates the application process. If the application is successful, both students will be awarded a one time grant of EUR 4,000. Unfortunately, the prospects aren't very good. The International Office will contact eligible students who have been placed in Asia, if the program is offered for the respective exchange stay.

  • Australia


    GOstralia!-GOmerica! (website available in German only) is an organization representing Australian, American and New Zealand universities in Germany and has specialized in arranging stays in the U.S. and in the land of down under for students and doctoral candidates who want to go abroad as free movers. The organization’s advisors answer any questions regarding universities, programs of study, entire bachelor and master degree programs, double degrees, and doctoral programs. They advise on costs, financing options, and internal scholarships. This service is funded by Australian and American universities and is free of charge for students.

    Ranke Heinemann Institute

    The Ranke Heinemann Institute (website available in German only) is a non-profit organization fostering and supporting the exchange between all Australian and New Zealand higher education institutions. Just as GOstralia!-GOmerica!, the institute arranges stays in the land of down under for free movers. Their service is free of charge. The institute’s services comprise academic advising and assistance in the application process. Moreover, the organization also awards full-ride and partial scholarships as well as scholarships covering travel expenses

  • China

    Language and Practice in China

    Since 1996, the scholarship program Language and Practice in China (Sprache und Praxis in China) (website available in German only) offered by the DAAD has been preparing outstanding graduates from economic and social sciences, as well as from law and engineering for senior positions in German-Chinese businesses. Following an intensive 10-months language training, the scholarship holders spend a four-month period of workplace training at German and Chinese companies developing a valuable network for their future career. As a rule, interested students and/or graduates apply by 31 January directly on the DAAD website.

  • Finland

    Finnish National Agency for Education

    The Finnish National Agency for Education has compiled all information relevant for students interested in studying in Finland. Students going to Finland in the future can find information on scholarships, study programs, the educational system and many more aspects of staying abroad in Finland.

  • France

    Campus France is the official information service of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for study-related stays abroad in France. They provide information about issues such as financing, housing, the higher education sector, internships, and many more.

    Among other things, Campus France provides information about the national system for subsidized housing in France (allocation de logement or aide personnalisée au logement) that is also paid to international students and about the French housing tax that unfortunately must be paid in some cases.

    Housing in Paris: The Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris constitutes an interesting accommodation option as various countries are offering student residence halls in order to promote international exchange. Students of a master’s program who are German citizens and have a good command of French can also apply for housing in the German „Maison Heinrich Heine“.

    Tip: The French-German Zentrum für Europäischen Verbraucherschutz has published an online-booklet containing useful tips for Germans who want to live and study in France (available in German only).

    Franco-German Youth Office (Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk)

    The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) was founded in 1963 as part of the Élysée Treaty between France and Germany in order to foster collaboration between the two countries and promote exchange.

    Among other things, the FGYO offers:

    • scholarships for mandatory exams in France that are recognized by the German home institution as part of the bachelor’s program
    • scholarships for prospective teachers in order to allow them to become acquainted with the French school and education system
    • financial funds promoting exchange in the occupational fields of arts and culture
    • the internship program PRAXES for the period following your degree
    • If you are interested in applying please contact either the International Office of the University of Mannheim or the respective internship manager of the School of Social Sciences and the School of Humanities to have the scholarship application signed.


    DAAD scholarships for studying at the Institut National du Service Public (INSP, formerly known as ENA)

    Emmanuel Macron and many other renowned personalities have studied at the INSP (formerly known as ENA, École Nationale d'Administration).

    The DAAD awards scholarships for studying at the prestigious French college of public administration in Strasbourg to qualified German graduates. Graduates from all programs of study are eligible for the scholarships. There are two different programs:

    • 1. Cycle international long (CIL)
    • 2. Cycle international de perfectionnement (CIP)

    See the website of the DAAD for more information on funding options, application requirements and dates (only available in German).

  • Israel

    Scholarship program of the German state parliaments for Israeli and German students

    The scholarship program of the German state parliaments (PDF available in German only) supports and funds stays abroad for Israeli and German students, early-stage researchers, and interns who want to study or complete an internship in Israel. The application deadline will probably be in November for stays abroad in the following year.

    If you are interested in completing an internship in Israel, we recommend checking the projects offered by the New Kibbutz program. You may combine participation in the New Kibbutz program with a scholarship of the German state parliaments.

    I am happy to help you:

    Lukas Dausend

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    Working from home every Thursday and Friday as well as Monday in odd calendar weeks; available only via E-Mail on these days.
    University of Mannheim
    Division II – Student Affairs
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  • Japan

    MIRAI program

    MIRAI is a program offered by the Japanese Foreign Ministry that twice a year gives a group of students the opportunity of a one-week stay in Japan. In addition to taking part in workshops, participants visit a number of cultural, economic and political institutions. Only students who are not Japanese citizens and have not completed a stay in Japan of more than six months are eligible for the program. The application is handled by the International Office in cooperation with the Japanese consulate general in Munich.

    Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

    The JASSO Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan provides a monthly grant of JPY 8,000 for stays of one semester. The Japanese host university handles the application and decides if the JASSO scholarship will be offered or not. Please seek advice on the program from the International Office.

    Language and Practice in Japan

    The scholarship program Language and Practice in Japan (Sprache und Praxis in Japan) (website available in German only) offered by the DAAD aims at training outstanding graduates from economic and political sciences, as well as from law and engineering in order to become Japan experts in economy, administration, and industry. Following an intensive 10-months language training, the scholarship holders complete a 4-months internship. This combination enables the scholarship holders to learn about Japanese culture and economy from scratch and to develop valuable networks. As a rule, interested students and/or graduates apply by 31 January directly on the DAAD website.

  • Canada

    The Foundation for Canadian Studies aims to foster and support Canadian studies in German-speaking countries by promoting early-stage researchers. It’s closely affiliated with the Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries (Gesellschaft für Kanada-Studien in den deutschsprachigen Ländern, GKS), which offers their own funding program for students. The foundation also partners with the German-Canadian Association (Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft, DKG) (available in German only) that offers a working student program and helps students find internships in Canada.

  • New Zealand

    Further information is provided under Australia.

  • Austria


    The OeAD-GmbH is the Austrian central service for European and international mobility and cooperation programs in education, science and research. In addition to a number of internationalization measures, it also maintains the Austrian database for scholarships and research grants .

  • Eastern Europe

    “Metropolen in Osteuropa” scholarship program

    In cooperation with the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, the German Academic Scholarship Foundation awards up to nine scholarships per year to qualified students of all subject areas who are planning on a stay abroad in Eastern Europe of at least seven months. In addition to funding for studying abroad and language courses, the program also provides funding for internships, research stays and entire master's programs. German citizens, international students who obtained their Abitur or equivalent in Germany and EU citizens can apply by 1 March for stays starting in June or later of the same year.

    More information can be found on the website of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation(available in German only).

  • Poland

    Scholarship for academic or research stays at higher education institutions in Poland

    The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education offers scholarships for academic and research stays as well as summer language courses in Poland. The funding period for the scholarships is one to nine months and the scholarships are open to students, graduates and post-doctoral researches from the fields of humanities, social studies and economic sciences as well as to graduates of all fields who graduated no longer then six years ago.

    Applications should be submitted three months before the desired beginning of the funding period. In exceptional cases, funding may even be awarded on shorter notice. More information on the application process and the scholarship can be found on the website of the DAAD regional office in Warsaw (available in German only).

    Association for Student Exchange in Central and Eastern Europe (GFPS) e.V.

    The Association for Student Exchange in Central and Eastern Europe (GFPS) e.V. offers semester scholarships as well as language courses at higher education institutions in Poland and the Czech Republic. More information on scholarship conditions and application requirements can be found on the website of the GFPS (available in German only).

  • Switzerland

    Swiss-European-Mobility-Programme (SEMP)

    Students who are studying abroad in Switzerland can get funding through the Swiss-European-Mobility-Programme (SEMP)and receive approximately 440 CHF per month of their stay. The Swiss host universities facilitate the allocation of this scholarship. Normally, all students who have been awarded an exchange place at a Swiss university receive this funding. Please note, however, that the cost of living in Switzerland is very high and the scholarship can only cover a small proportion of this.

    Heyning-Roelli Foundation

    The Heyning-Roelli Foundation supports promising students of low means through funding for travel and living expenses. Students studying at a Swiss partner university are eligible to apply.

  • Czech Republic

    The Czech-German Future Fund (available in German only) offers scholarships for German students and doctoral students studying in the Czech Republic who are especially interested in the Czech language, culture and research and want to participate in academic exchange.

  • United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

    British Council
    The British Council offers a lot of information on studying in the UK and links to a number of scholarship and loan options for students and graduates.

  • United States of America

    German-American Institute Heidelberg (DAI)

    The German-American Institute Heidelberg (DAI) is a cultural institution in Heidelberg committed to international exchange. It focuses on the transatlantic dialog between Germany and the USA. In total, there are ten German-American Institutes in Germany, each with a different focus. The one in Heidelberg is the biggest and most diversified one. It focuses on science, literature and politics.

    The library of the DAI offers extensive information on the American educational system, universities and funding options. There are also preparatory materials available for admission tests such as as the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) and GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and language tests such as the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

    The German-American Fulbright Program

    The German-American Fulbright Program promotes the mutual understanding between the United States and Germany through academic and cultural exchange.

    It focuses on the international exchange of students. There are also scholarship programs for post-doctoral researchers, doctoral candidates and foreign language assistants. Additionally, the program offers training seminars for university administrators and regional and cultural studies experts.

    Fulbright study scholarships:

    These scholarships support students in expanding their program of study through studying full-time in a program at the Graduate Studies level at an accredited higher education institution in the United States. Funding is awarded for stays of four to nine months beginning in the American fall semester in August/September.

    The scholarships include:

    • a grant for travel expenses for a transatlantic round trip
    • a grant for additional costs
    • health and injury insurance
    • a monthly subsidy for the partial financing of the costs of living and the tuition fees charged by the host university
    • basic health and injury insurance
    • participation in the German-American preparation and networking meeting in Berlin
    • visa application free of charge
    • assistance by the Fulbright Commission

    Fulbright Travel Scholarships:

    Travel scholarships are available to exchange students studying in the United States for four to nine months starting in the American fall semester.

    Travel scholarships include:

    • a grant for travel expenses and additional costs
    • participation in the German-American preparation and networking meeting in Berlin

We are happy to help you: