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Things to Do Before You Leave

There a number of things to do before you leave Mannheim and return home. Here, you will find a list of the things you need to do before you leave:

  • Disenroll at the Express Service

    Please disenroll at the Express Service. You will receive a confirmation of disenrollment for your files. You can check your grades on Portal2 up to 60 days after your disenrollment.

    When should I disenroll?
    European students:
    Please disenroll after your last examination.

    Non-European students:
    Your visa/German residence permit becomes invalid on the day of your disenrollment. That means that, if you are planning to stay in Germany or Europe after your last examination, you need to disenroll on the day you are leaving Europe. The last possible date for disenrollment is January 31 for the fall semester and July 31 for the spring semester. 

  • De-registration of residency at the residents’ registration office at your place of residence

    You have to de-register as a resident of the respective town or city where you lived in Germany. Most students have found housing in Mannheim and thus have to de-register at the residents’ registration office of the city of Mannheim (K7). You do not need an appointment for de-registration. You can de-register in person or via e-mail. For electronic de-registration please send an e-mail to: buergerservice.mitte(at) and attach the following documents:

    • a scan of your passport
    • the complete form for de-registration from the residents’ registration office in Mannheim, signed.

    If you are member of a German health insurance, please ask the residents’ registration office for a confirmation of your de-registration. This confirmation has to be submitted to your German health insurance provider in order to terminate the membership.

  • Terminating your health insurance membership

    If you are member of a German health insurance, please send the following documents to your health insurance provider in order to terminate your membership:

    • your confirmation of disenrollment by the University of Mannheim
    • your confirmation of de-registration of residency by the residents’ registration office (see above
  • De-registration at the foreigners’ office

    If you had to open up a blocked account in order to obtain your visa or German residence permit, you can have this account closed at the foreigners’ office. In order to close the blocked account you have to obtain the consent of the competent foreigners’ office (in Mannheim: K7).

    Students who did not open a blocked account do not have to de-register at the foreigners’ office. The residents’ registration office will inform the foreigner’s office of their de-registration.  

  • Moving out of student housing

    Students who were provided accommodation in student housing by the International Office will receive an e-mail containing a list of additional tasks to attend to before they move out.

  • Transcript of records

    You will need the transcript of records in order for the coursework and examinations you completed here to be recognized at your home institution. This document contains the courses you attended, the respective grades you got, and the corresponding number of ECTS credits.

    We automatically issue a transcript of records as soon as we have received all of your grades. We then send a PDF version of the transcript to you and the international exchange coordinator at your home institution via e-mail. If your home institution requires an original version, we will send the transcript of records to your international exchange coordinator via mail. You can check if all of your grades have been entered into Portal2 up to 60 days after your disenrollment.

    The course International Summer/Winter Academy (ISA/IWA)  will not be listed on your transcript. After successful completion of the International Summer-/Winter Academy (ISA/IWA), participants will receive a certificate directly from the responsible organization. If your home institution does not accept this certificate, please contact the German as a Foreign Language department at the Service and Marketing GmbH.

  • What are ECTS?

    Within the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), courses are given a certain number of credits reflecting the amount of work a course requires. If you have successfully completed a course, you obtain the indicated number of credits. You do not obtain ECTS credits for classes or examinations that you failed or did not attend. However, these courses are still listed in your transcript.