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Information on Minors

for the bachelor’s programs in History, Media and Communication Studies, Political Science and Sociology

Students of the bachelor’s programs in History, Media and Communication Studies, Political Science and Sociology select a minor in addition to their major. The minor is only selected after admission and enrollment in the major.


  • Combinations of majors and minors

    Minor B.A. History B.A. Media and Communication Studies B.A. Political Science B.A. Sociology
    Applied Informatics x x x x
    English and American Studies x x x x
    Business Administration - - x x
    German Studies x x x x
    History - x x x
    Mathematics - - x x
    Media and Communication Studies x - x x
    Public Law x x x x
    Philosophy x x x x
    Political Science x x - x
    Psychology x x x x
    Romance Studies: French x x x x
    Romance Studies: Italian x x x x
    Romance Studies: Spanish x x x x
    Sociology x x x -
    Economics - - x x

Minor selection

The regular minor selection takes place online in August and is open for first-year students and students who want to change their minor. You will find the link on this page.

After the fall semester 2019/2020, you may change your minor again. For the spring semester, we use an e-mail instead of an online process on the website.

Please write an e-mail by January 13, 2020 to

beifachwahl(at) with the following information:

  • last name, first name
  • student ID number
  • major
  • current minor
  • your top 3 minors you would like to pursue as your new minor (1., 2., 3.)

After January 14, 2020, we will then analyze your priorities.

We will let you know in due time if you were able to change your minor and, if this is the case, inform you about your new minor. We will then transfer you to your new minor so that you can still register for courses.

We are happy to name contact persons, if you need help, for example with the course schedule.

Further information on selecting a minor

  • How do I select a minor?

    You name your preferred minor as well as two possible alternative minors online in August or by e-mail in January. Usually, you are able to pursue the minor you selected, however, it is possible that for individual minors (e.g., Media and Communication Studies or Psychology), the demand exceeds the spots available.

    The spots for the minors are allocated at the end of the application period and the final result will be disclosed by e-mail.

  • Do I have to select a minor?

    Only students of the Bachelor’s programs in History, Media and Communication Studies, Political Science, and Sociology have to choose a minor.

    Students of the bachelor's program in Culture and Economy, of the bachelor’s program in Economics or Business Law have already selected a minor which can only be changed by written request to the examination committee!

    In the bachelor’s programs in Romance Languages, Literatures and Media, German Studies: Language, Literature, Media as well as in Current English Linguistics and Literary Studies (CELLS) you do not need to select a minor or the minor is already integrated in the programs. If you have any questions, please contact your advisor at the Student Services.

  • Where can I find more information on the minors?

    Information on the contents of the individual minors can be found on the websites of the individual schools.

    In August, you can also visit the Minor Fair during the orientation week, where representatives of each minor answer any questions you may have. In this year, the Minor Fair takes place on Monday, August 26, 2019 from 2-4 pm in EW 045 (former Lehrbuchsammlung).

  • How are the spots for minors allocated?

    Process in August:

    The spots for the minors are allocated based on the final grade of the university entrance qualification (usually the Abitur). As soon as you select your minor online, your current number in the ranking is shown which indicates how likely it is that you can actually pursue your first-choice minor. Please note that the result of the minor selection is only binding after the application deadline. Your number in the ranking may change until the application period for the minors has ended.

    Process in January:

    If there are more applicants than spots available for a minor, the final grade of your university entrance qualification will be used for the ranking. After the applications have been evaluated, you will be informed if you successfully changed your minor.

  • How do I receive the results from the minor selection process?

    You will receive the final result of your minor selection by e-mail. To check your e-mail inbox, you need to login to the webmail system with your User ID.

  • Are there special requirements for selecting a minor?

    Italian, Spanish, French are the only minors for which requirements have to be met. If you selected one of these minors, you need to take the mandatory language test.

    If you do not have any knowledge of Italian, Spanish or French, you do not need to take the language test but can directly register at the student portal for the relevant intensive course.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

For all questions related to choosing a minor, please contact Student Services: