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Appreciative, tolerant, fair and family-friendly – this is the University of Mannheim. No matter if you are an experienced professional, have just graduated, or want to start vocational training – we, more than 2,600 employees, are looking forward to meeting you!

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What it’s like to work at the University of Mannheim

I feel very comfortable working at the university and, in particular, in the University IT. You are given a lot of freedom in your work and have a say in shaping the university’s future. Due to its size, the University of Mannheim is very diverse, meaning there is a niche for everybody. People value the professional opinion of others and take other opinions into account, even if it is not be the easiest way. There is always a solution or a compromise. Our team work is great.

Fabian Zürker, web developer, University IT (UNIT)

As academic staff member at the University of Mannheim I particularly value the freedom of research granted by the university as my employer and my supervisor. I can work on the topics I think are important and exciting and I can participate in national and international conferences. Personally, I think that this is very important.

Can Yilanci, academic staff member, chair of Finance / Photo credit: klassisch-modern fotografie

The most important thing for me is the very good working environment at the university. At the HR department, we have a wonderful community and a great boss. Mutual appreciation and teamwork are part of our everyday life. It is fun to work in university administration since there is a huge variety of tasks. The field of work is diverse and multi-faceted, and not dull at all.

Simone Wamser, advisor in the HR department, Division V

It is a great responsibility but also greatly rewarding to work together with bright young minds at the University of Mannheim. The Mannheim spirit is really special. Our students, teachers, and staff members are all very committed to the university. They all do everything they can to be an outstanding university and are making a real contribution to making our and thus my work meaningful. I am very grateful for that.

Prof. Oliver Dickhäuser, holder of the Chair of Educational Psychology / Photo credit: Anna Logue

What I love most about my job is the variety of tasks, the friendly working atmosphere, and the short distances on campus. After my parental leave, I took a new position at the President’s Office. For my projects, I work with people from all areas of the university. The ambition and dedication of our researchers and teachers who work on the latest scientific findings still fascinates me every day. I am happy to support them with my work.

Dr. Elisabeth Geursen, Personal Assistant to the President / Photo credit: Anna Logue


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