Extension of Individual Standard Periods of Study and Examination Deadlines Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

In order to mitigate hardship for students during the coronavirus pandemic, the individual standard periods of study and the deadlines for semester-specific coursework and examinations (orientation examination, intermediate examination, deadline for the maximum period of study) are extended.

The extension of the individual standard period of study (see section 29 subsection 3a of the act on higher education institutions in the Land of Baden-Württemberg (LHG)) is particularly important for students receiving BAföG funding since the maximum period for BAföG funding will also be extended. For students enrolled in the spring semester 2020, fall semester 2020/2021 or spring semester 2021, an individual standard period of study applies that differs from the standard period of study. For each of the aforementioned semesters, the individual standard period of study is extended by one semester. More information can be found on the website of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim. The President's Office decided that the individual standard period of study will not be extended for students who were on an academic leave of absence in these semesters. However, affected students can submit a request to the BAföG Office to have their period for BAföG funding extended, provided that they have significant personal reasons.

The extension of examination deadlines (see section 32 subsection 5a LHG) is relevant to all students who were enrolled or are enrolled in a program in the spring semester 2020, fall semester 2020/2021, spring semester 2021 or the fall semester 2021/2022 and who did not pass the orientation examination in this program by the end of the third subject-specific semester or failed to complete the coursework and examinations required for the bachelor's or master's examination within the maximum period of study (bachelor's degree: usually by the end of the 9th subject-specific semester; master's degree: by the end of the 7th subject-specific semester).

In practical terms this means: Students who were enrolled in the spring semester 2020, the fall semester 2020/2021, the spring semester 2021 or the fall semester 2021/2022 receive an extension of one semester for each of the aforementioned semester. However, the extension is limited to a total of three semesters.

Please write an informal e-mail to your Student Services advisor if you wish to have your examination deadline extended. Please only reach out to us if you are currently studying in your last semester before the deadline expires (i. e. in the 9th subject-specific semester of a bachelor's program or in the 7th subject-specific semester of a master's program) and you know that you must make use of the deadline extension in order to complete your program. Many times this is not necessary at all.

You can use the following e-mail template: “I was enrolled in the program xy in the spring semester 2020 / fall semester 2020/2021 / spring semester 2021 / fall semester 2021/2022 and I hereby request an extension of the examination deadline by one/two/three semester/s for the orientation examination / intermediate examination / the maximum period of study in accordance with section 32 subsection 5a LHG. I have transferred the semester fee (and the tuition fee, if applicable) for the following semester.” It is not necessary to state any further reasons. As soon as the fee has been received by the University of Mannheim, we will record the extension in the system and inform you via e-mail.

In case you are affected by the abovementioned regulation and you need more than the additional semester/s granted as blanket extension for passing the orientation examination or completing your program, you need to send a standard application for extension in accordance with the examination regulations to the examination committee and state reasons beyond your control which justify the extension. If you have any questions, please contact the examination committee.