Students with Disabilities

Studying abroad with a disability? Yes, you can!

Studying abroad presents students with a disability or a chronical illness with exceptional challenges. Yet, you do not have to meet them all on your own. There are various institutions you can turn to for assistance in finding an appropriate host university, applying for financial support and getting assistance on site during your actual stay abroad. For example, the DAAD funds trips for severely disabled students to prepare for an Erasmus stay abroad.


The staff of the International Office is happy to help you in planning your stay abroad. You are interested in a certain country or university? We can find out what the situation there is like for students with disabilities and how to get assistance on site. Through the Erasmus+ program, we can also offer financial support for stays abroad within Europe.

The following websites provide you with helpful information:

Financial support for stays abroad with Erasmus

The Erasmus+ program promotes equal opportunity. This is why students with a degree of disability (GdB) of 20 or higher are eligible for additional Erasmus funding for an Erasmus+ stay abroad. This also applies to students with a chronic illness that leads to additional financial needs for the stay abroad. Severely disabled students can also receive travel support for a preparatory journey for a stay abroad in the Erasmus area (study or work placement). It is best to contact the International Office several months in advance to seek advice on your options from the International Office.

The social counseling and financial advice services of the Studierendenwerk can provide further information on funding and social benefits for students with a disability.

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