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Upon Your Successful Application

Your application for a placement at one of our partner universities was successful?

Congratulations! Before going abroad, you have to complete the registration process at your host university. We are happy to assist you with this next step and have compiled all relevant information for you.

  • Nomination at and admission to the host university

    You have already received a confirmation of your placement at one of our partner universities. To be able to take this placement, you are only missing the official admission by your host university.

    You just need to complete two more steps in order to be admitted. First, we will register, or “nominate”, you at the host university on behalf of the University of Mannheim. Afterwards, you will usually need to compile and submit a number of documents again. This application for admission at the host university is generally just a formality. If you submit your complete application in due time, you are very likely to be admitted to your host university as an exchange student. It is very rare that any issues arise that may keep you from going abroad. The University of Mannheim will assist you during the entire process. If there are any problems, get in touch with your advisor at the International Office.

    • We will inform you on the nomination and the application process at your host university in due time via e-mail.
    • You are not sure if you have received an e-mail containing this information? You can always check on the status of your application on the Mobility-Online platform.
    • The following documents are commonly requested by host universities: the university’s application form, your preliminary course selection, a current transcript of records, a copy of a current ID or passport.
    • You are welcome to prepare for this process! Please read the documents provided in the download section of the Mobility-Online platform.They contain information on the next steps and important matters such as insurance, visa, booking flights, finding housing and many more.
  • Selecting courses and recognition of examinations and coursework

    In the next weeks, you should find out about the courses offered at your host university. Some host universities already want to know which courses you would like to take when applying for admission. An important factor for choosing courses is which ones can be recognized by the University of Mannheim. Further information on how to go about selecting courses can be found here. For advice, please contact your departmental exchange coordinator. They can also help you with the signatures for the Learning Agreements.

  • Letters of Recommendation

    Some host universities require a letter of recommendation to be submitted enclosed with the application. Should your host university require a recommendation, please have it written by your school.

    Please only ask for a letter of recommendation if we have asked you to do so.

    Letter of Recommendation template: The chairs can also request the letter of recommendation template from us in MS Word format.

  • Scholarships and financing

    Certainly, you thought about how to finance your stay abroad even before applying. At the time you receive your admission, some deadlines for applying for a scholarship might have lapsed already; yet, there are certainly still some scholarships and other financing options that might be relevant for you. The application deadlines for scholarships such as PROMOS or the Baden-Württemberg-Stipendium are a good example. All future Erasmus students will be informed on how to apply for Erasmus funding for European exchange programs in due time.

  • Country-specific funding and support

    Depending on the host country, there are country-specific funding options available in addition to the regular scholarships. Further information can be found here. In this section, we have compiled further useful information on some countries and regions.

  • Reports on experiences abroad

    If your are looking for information and tips regarding your particular host university please read the reports of former students that are listed in our database of partner universities.

    To submit your own report of your experiences abroad please log on to the Mobility-Online Portal.

    Please note the deadlines:

    • Deadline for students who were abroad in Fall: March 31st
    • Deadline for students who were abroad in Spring: August 15th

    You will need a 'Confirmation of handing in the Experience Report' in order to get your grades from abroad transferred to Mannheim.

  • Extending Your Stay

    An extension of your stay from the fall to the spring semester is only possible in exceptional cases and in consultation with the International Office and your department. Please let us know early on.

    The University of Mannheim can only agree to an extension if the number of placements available for the next years is unaffected.

    An extension of your stay from the spring to the fall semester is absolutely not possible for stays abroad in Europe and the Overseas North region. In exceptional cases it could be possible to extend a stay abroad from the spring to the falls semester in the Overseas South region.

    If an extension of your stay abroad is not possible you could ask your host university if it is possible to extend your stay abroad as a free mover. Another possibility could be an internship abroad after your semester is over.

  • Canceling your stay abroad

    Please immediately inform the International Office (nominations-OUT(at) and your respective departmental exchange coordinator at the University of Mannheim should you not be able to start on your stay abroad. We will see to the cancellation of your placement at the host university. A stay abroad can only be canceled due to valid reasons.

I had a great time during my semester abroad in Mexico and made many new friends. As nearly all of my courses from Mexico are being recognized in Mannheim, I actually haven’t lost a semester. I can highly recommend a semester abroad to anyone. You will get to know yourself a lot better and become more independent and self-sufficient. Moreover, there are lots of things to see and trips to be taken into Mexico’s outdoors.

Olfah Elshall, student in the bachelor's program in Mathematics in Business and Economics, ITESM Monterrey (Mexico) / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

I would recommend a semester abroad to anyone. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The completely new insights I gained helped me evolve both personally and academically. The learning system at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, which incorporates more group work into university life, taught me how to adapt more easily and actively contribute to an international team. In addition, my trips to Myanmar and Vietnam showed me that people can be very happy even when they don’t have a lot and that you can't always define wealth by money and material possessions. People in Southeast Asia are open towards everyone and their warmness and cordiality are overwhelming.

Bernhard Krauss, student in the bachelor’s program in Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (Thailand) / Photo credit: Ye Fung Tchen

My semester abroad was the ideal way of combining academics, culture and the French ‘Savoir-vivre’. The Sorbonne lives up to its prestigious reputation and offers many interesting courses in the field of literary studies. As a welcome change from city life, I can recommend the Maison Heinrich Heine on the Cité U campus with its warm, family-like atmosphere. This is where I made many new friends from all over the world.

Lotte Kern, student in the master’s program in Culture and Economy: French Studies, Université de Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV, France)