Gabrielė Zebrovskyte Fund for International Students

Ten years ago, in fall 2013, Gabrielė Zebrovskyte, a student from Lithuania studying at the University of Mannheim, was murdered while walking home at night. Her death was a great shock to the region and a serious blow to the University of Mannheim which considers itself to be an international place for learning and researching.

In order to commemorate Gabrielė Zebrovskyte, the University of Mannheim set up the Gabrielė Zebrovskyte funds for international students with which students from abroad who are in an emergency situation through no fault of their own are supported. Situations like the coronavirus pandemic, wars, natural disasters at home or family crises can change the living situations of students abroad suddenly and drastically. If this leads to a financial emergency situation, since income is lost, for example due to a disease, or students need to take a flight home, they may receive support from the fund. In this way, those affected are helped unbureaucratically, in the form of one-off payments or regular payments over an average period of two to four months. A committee consisting of the Vice President for Internationalization as well as representatives of the International Office decides on the allocation of funds. The International Office also supports those funded.

Since 2014, more than 33,000 euros have been paid to students from 17 different nations.

If you want to support international students of the University of Mannheim who are in an emergency situation by donating to the Gabriele Zebrovskyte Fund, please contact Karin Schulz-Kaltenbach.


Karin Schulz-Kaltenbach

Karin Schulz-Kaltenbach

University of Mannheim
Division IV – Finances and Controlling
L 1, 1 – Room 234
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