Completing Your Degree Program

In the final phase of your program, the focus is on working independently on research questions. We present the most important courses that may help you during the final phase of your program.

Tip: Final theses and examinations are very subject-specific. Besides the general courses listed here, the university’s departments also provide a broad range of subject-specific information and support services.

Bachelor’s and master’s theses

Additional information and courses

  • Academic writing and research

    Handout on ChatGPT and AI tools

    At the latest, since the hype about ChatGPT began, everyone talks about AI tools. But what exactly are the functions and benefits of ChatGPT and what should students bear in mind when using these tools? Is it even allowed to use such tools? The Teaching and Learning Center has published a handout compiling answers to these and related questions.

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  • Self-management

    Time management

    In this module, you will learn more about time management, self-control, learning plans, and various planning methods.
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    Working conditions

    In this module, you will learn more about disruptions to your work, how to create ideal working conditions, and plan your breaks, for example.
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Final oral examination

Be well prepared for your presentation

In an oral examination, you will discuss specific topics with the examiners. You are expected to reproduce what you have learned and explain relevant interrelationships. It is therefore essential to be well prepared. The Studium Generale courses, for example, provide you with tips and support on rhetoric and presentation.

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Additional information and courses