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Financial Support for Internships Abroad

Are you looking for financial support for your internship? Here, you can find a list of scholarship programs offered by different organizations.

Please note: Internship offers that automatically include funding are listed in the section Support in Finding an Internship.

  • Funding for internships abroad within Europe through the “ERASMUS+” program

    Who is funded?

    As part of the ERASMUS+ program, the European Union provides funding for internships abroad within Europe both during and after your studies. Students in bachelor’s, state examination and master’s programs as well as enrolled doctoral candidates and graduates in their first year after graduation are eligible to apply. In order to take advantage of this kind of funding as a graduate, you will have to submit an informal application before the end of your studies, i.e. before disenrollment. If you are interested, make sure to contact the International Office in good time.

    At present, all 28 EU member states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia participate in the program. The database of partner universities gives an overview of those European universities that have already concluded an exchange agreement with the University of Mannheim. Yet, stays abroad in countries participating in the ERASMUS program can also be funded if you decide to go to an institution other than the partner universities; this applies, in particular, for staff members going abroad with ERASMUS.

    Though, at present, Switzerland does not take part in the ERASMUS program, funding terms for stays abroad in Switzerland are similar to the ERASMUS exchange program as the country finances a similar program with national funds.

    Information on exchange programs with the United Kingdom:

    According to the current plans of the British government, the United Kingdom will continue to participate in the ERASMUS program until at least 2019/2020. However, considering the uncertain outcome of “Brexit” negotiations, this cannot be guaranteed.

    What is funded?

    The program offers financial support for internships abroad in order to compensate for low amounts or lack of payment. Depending on the country, funding amounts to EUR 320 to EUR 420 per month.

    The minimum duration of an internship to be funded is two months, the maximum funding period is 12 months per phase of study (bachelor’s/master’s/doctorate). If you have already received Erasmus funding for studying abroad during the same phase of study, this will be counted towards the maximum funding period.

    What is not funded?

    Applicants who receive a salary of EUR 1,000 after tax per months or more from the receiving institution or company cannot be considered for funding.
    Internships at institutions of the European Union (such as a political party or a member of the European Parliament) as well as at institutions governing EU programs are also excluded from funding. For these internships, funding is available through the Carlo Schmid Program.

    Where can I find more information about funding and apply for funding?

    Financial support from the two programs is not awarded by the University of Mannheim itself. Instead, it is awarded by the liaison office for integrated traineeships for Baden-Württemberg situated at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. The entire application process is therefore handled by the liaison office.
    All information on the program and the funding criteria as well as the online registration and the application documents can be found on the website of the liaison office „KOOR-BEST“ of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

    Special funding for students with a disability and students with children

    Students with a disability or students who want to take their child or children with them when going abroad can find more information on special funding options on the website of the liaison office.

    Receiving funding for more than one internship

    It is possible to receive funding more than once if the total funding period (including Erasmus funding for studying abroad) does not exceed twelve months per phase of study (bachelor’s/master’s/doctorate). The maximum funding period for programs without bachelor’s and master’s phases (for example state examination programs) is 24 months.

    How likely am I to receive funding?

    If the application is submitted correctly and in due time, you are very likely to receive funding.

    Application deadline

    Please submit your application for funding to the liaison office as soon as possible, no later than one month before the beginning of your internship.

    Please note: The application requires a number of documents and signatures, including the signature of the company offering the internship! If your application is not complete by the application deadline, funding will not be granted. Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit missing documents later.

    Signatures from the University of Mannheim for ERASMUS internships

    For an ERASMUS internship, you will need three signatures from the University of Mannheim: the application form needs to be signed by the International Office, the other two forms by your department. Please always indicate the correct contact person when being asked for a departmental contact person. Please do NOT indicate the International Office. If you are unsure about the correct contact person, please ask Ms Wittenberg at the International Office.

  • Insurance

    The Erasmus mobility grant does not include insurance coverage. Neither the University of Mannheim nor the European Commission nor the National Agency for Erasmus of the DAAD are liable for damages caused by illness, death, accident or injury of a person and the loss or damage of belongings during the course of stays abroad through the Erasmus program (studies, internships, teaching staff mobility, or training events). Every scholarship holder is responsible for arranging for his or her own insurance coverage.

    The participant's national health insurance usually covers basic insurance needs during stays in EU countries by means of the European Health Insurance Card. However, insurance coverage of the European Health Insurance Card may not be sufficient, especially in case of complex medical needs or medical repatriation. The University of Mannheim therefore strongly recommends taking out additional private insurance. Participants have the option to take part in the group insurance offered by the DAAD to all students and researchers who are funded as part of the ERASMUS program.

  • Funding for ERASMUS combination internships (short-time internships abroad in combination with an ERASMUS stay abroad)

    What is funded?

    If you are planning on studying abroad at an Erasmus partner university and want to combine this stay with an internship of up to two months, your Erasmus funding for studying abroad can be extended for the respective period.

    - internship in the same country as the semester abroad
    - immediately before or after the ERAMSUS semester abroad
    - duration of two months or less
    - supervised by the host institution, i.e. the internship has to be included in the Learning Agreement.
    The total ERASMUS funding period (i.e. for both studying abroad and the internship) must not exceed twelve months.
    If the internship lasts more than two months, please apply for the Erasmus funding described above.

    What is not funded?

    Internships at institutions of the European Union (such as a political party or a member of the European Parliament) as well as at institutions governing EU programs cannot be funded.

    Where can I find more information about funding and apply for funding?

    Please contact Ms Wittenberg at the International Office for information on combining an ERASMUS stay abroad with an internship.

  • DAAD short-term scholarships for internships

    The DAAD provides funding for internships abroad at specific organizations and institutions, such as institutions of the EU or UN, German representations abroad, international German schools or Goethe institutes, that are organized by the interns themselves and independently of any internship programs. The maximum funding period is three months. Funding includes a grant for travel expenses. More information can be found on the website of the DAAD(only available in German).

  • DAAD grants for travel expenses for AISEC internships

    The DAAD offers grants for travel expenses for subject specific AIESEC  internships outside of Europe. More information can be found on the website of the DAAD  (only available in German).

  • Carlo Schmid Program - internships at international organizations and EU institutions

    • What is funded?
      The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes), and the foundation Stiftung Mercator cooperatively organize the Carlo Schmid Program providing scholarships and internships at international organizations and EU institutions.

    Applicants have the possibility to either search for an internship on their own and then apply for a corresponding scholarship or to directly apply for one of the numerous internships advertised as part of the program.
    Participants of the program receive a monthly grant for subsistence expenses and fixed-rate grants for travel expenses.

    In addition to financial support, participants are offered a program of activities such as seminars and meetings abroad.

    • Who is funded?
      The program is open to all students and graduates from both bachelor’s and master’s programs regardless of their respective subject area. In order to be admitted to the program you need to hold German citizenship. Applicants can chose between the following two program options:

                        - Option A: Applying for a scholarship for an internship at an international organization or EU institution or at selected NGOs that the applicant has found on his/her own

                        - Option B: Applying for a specific internship advertised as part of the program

    • Application deadline
      As a rule, each year in February.
      For the specifications of terms, application requirements, and further information on the program please see the website of the DAAD.
  • Franco-German Youth Office (Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk)

    Franco-German Youth Office (Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk)

    The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) was founded in 1963 as part of the Élysée Treaty between France and Germany in order to foster collaboration between the two countries and promote exchange.

    Among other things, the FGYO offers:

    • scholarships for mandatory exams in France that are recognized by the German home institution as part of the bachelor’s program
    • scholarships for prospective teachers in order to allow them to become acquainted with the French school and education system
    • financial funds promoting exchange in the occupational fields of arts and culture
    • the internship program PRAXES for the period following your degree
    • If you are interested in applying please contact either the International Office of the University of Mannheim or the respective internship manager of the School of Social Sciences and the School of Humanities to have the scholarship application signed.


    For more information about funding for internships in France please visit the website of Campus France(only available in German).

  • Scholarship programs of the German state parliaments for Israel

    Scholarship program of the German state parliaments for Israeli and German students

    The scholarship program of the German state parliaments supports and funds stays abroad for Israeli and German students, early-stage researchers, and interns who want to study or complete an internship in Israel. The application deadline will probably be in November for stays abroad in the following year. In case of internships, the internship agreement that has been concluded with the respective Israeli company must be submitted by the application deadline. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Dausend at the International Office.

    If you are interested in completing an internship in Israel, we recommend checking the projects offered by the New Kibbutz program. You may combine participation in the New Kibbutz program with a scholarship of the German state parliaments.

  • German-American internship program of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

    The GIZ German-American internship program affords young graduates and professionals the opportunity to gain professional experience in the USA by funding internships with a duration of two to twelve months that are organized by the interns themselves. Interns receive a scholarship of EUR 600 per month if the internship is unpaid as well as grants for travel expenses and language courses.

  • DAAD Go East program „Russland in der Praxis“ – scholarship program for internships in Russia

    The DAAD arranges internships in Russia and funds them with a generous scholarship program. In a first step, interested students can apply for an internship, and, in a second step, for corresponding funding. For information on the application procedure and further information please see the website of the DAAD.

  • BAföG for stays abroad

    Further information is available on the BAföG for stays abroad page.

  • Student loans

    Find out more on the student loans page.