Support in Finding an Internship

The International Office does not arrange internships. However, in the following sections you can find an overview of a number of internship providers and agencies.
We are also happy to assist you in applying for financial support  for your internship abroad.

The following websites provide general information and serve as starting points for finding an internship:

The following websites offer internship placements with specific application procedures:

  • DAAD internship program “RISE Worldwide”

    The DAAD RISE Worldwide program offers research internships as well as full-ride scholarships for students in the bachelor’s program in Informatics and similar fields of study. The research internships take place during the semester break.

  • Carlo Schmid Program Internships at international organizations and EU institutions

    • What is funded?
      The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes), and the foundation Stiftung Mercator cooperatively organize the Carlo Schmid Program (website only available in German) providing scholarships and internships at international organizations and EU institutions.


    Applicants have the possibility to either search for an internship on their own and then apply for a corresponding scholarship or to directly apply for one of the numerous internships advertised as part of the program.
    Participants of the program receive a monthly grant for subsistence expenses and fixed-rate grants for travel expenses.

    In addition to financial support, participants are offered a program of activities such as seminars and meetings abroad.


    • Who is funded?
      The program is open to all students and graduates from both bachelor’s and master’s programs regardless of their respective subject area. In order to be admitted to the program you need to hold German citizenship. Applicants can chose between the following two program options:

                        – Option A: Applying for a scholarship for an internship at an international organization or EU institution or at selected NGOs that the applicant has found on his/her own

                        – Option B: Applying for a specific internship advertised as part of the program


    • Application deadline
      As a rule, each year in February.
      For the specifications of terms, application requirements, and further information on the program please see the website of the DAAD.
  • Working as a teaching assistant abroad

    In order to work as a foreign language teaching assistant at a secondary school abroad, students of all programs who have finished their fourth semester can apply at the PAD (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst) or the Goethe Institute.


    The student initiative AIESEC (website available in German only) organizes international internships in various areas lasting several months. The initiative also has a local group in Mannheim.
    For these internships, you can apply at the DAAD for a grant for travel expenses.

  • Internships in Israel

    If you are interested in completing an internship in Israel, we recommend checking out the projects offered by the New Kibbutz program. If you participate in the New Kibbutz program, you are eligible to apply for the Israel scholarship programs by the German state parliaments. Please note that the Israel scholarship program has a much earlier application deadline than the New Kibbutz program.

  • DAAD Go East program „Russland in der Praxis“ – scholarship program for internships in Russia

    The DAAD arranges internships in Russia and funds them with a generous scholarship program. In a first step, interested students can apply for an internship, and, in a second step, for corresponding funding. For information on the application procedure and further information please see the website of the DAAD (available in German only).

  • Language and Practice in China

    Since 1996, the scholarship program Language and Practice in China (Sprache und Praxis in China) (website available in German only) offered by the DAAD has been preparing outstanding graduates from economic and social sciences, as well as from law and engineering for senior positions in German-Chinese businesses. Following an intensive 10-months language training, the scholarship holders spend a four-month period of workplace training at German and Chinese companies developing a valuable network for their future career. As a rule, interested students and/or graduates apply by 31 January directly on the DAAD website.

  • Language and Practice in Japan

    The scholarship program Language and Practice in Japan (Sprache und Praxis in Japan) (website available in German only) offered by the DAAD aims at training outstanding graduates from economic and political sciences, as well as from law and engineering in order to become Japan experts in economy, administration, and industry. Following an intensive 10-months language training, the scholarship holders complete a 4-months internship. This combination enables the scholarship holders to learn about Japanese culture and economy from scratch and to develop valuable networks. As a rule, interested students and/or graduates apply by 31 January directly on the DAAD website.

The New Kibbutz gives you the unique opportunity to dive into the world of start-ups and experience Israel’s business culture and mentality. I completed an internship at a small company that advises small German businesses on innovation and helps them connect with Israeli high-tech start-ups in the respective field. During my internship, I learned a lot about the methods of business development, growth strategies and about how a start-up ecosystem can function. My most valuable experience was seeing the Israelis’ relaxed, direct and bold approach to business and other aspects of life. I adopted this mentality and can see its benefits to my studies and my career even after my return to Germany.

Dimitri Bilyarchyk, student in the bachelor's program in Business Administration, internship in Tel Aviv (Israel) as part of the New Kibbutz program / Credit: Elisa Berdica

More information

Financial support

Internships are not always well-paid. Financial support for internships is available through different programs, for example the Erasmus program for internships within Europe.

Internships at schools

There are interesting internship programs at schools providing prospective teachers the opportunity to become acquainted with another education system. Of course, you can also organize a stay by yourself.

Insurance and internship agreements

Find out more about the most important insurance issues regarding your internship. Also see this section if the university needs to be involved in your internship agreement.

We are happy to help you: