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Job Insights – Working at Our University

People with many different professions work at our university. There are advisors, programmers, controllers, technicians and many more. Our videos provide an insight into some professions and fields of work. Get to know your colleagues and find out what is special about working at the University of Mannheim. Please note that the videos are only available in German.

What it’s like to work as a secretary
Our secretaries are important and valued organizational talents. Take a look at the exciting everyday working life of Sylvia, Olivia and Kassandra.

What it’s like to work as an advisor
There are many advisors working in different fields of work at our university. The profession has many different aspects and possible specializations. Find out more about Lisa and Sven's field of work.

What it’s like to work as a program manager
Advising, designing programs, and marketing are the core tasks of this exciting position. Clara, Lidija and Florian give insights into their job.

What it’s like to work as a computer scientist at the University IT
More than 120 employees work at our University IT (UNIT). Laura, Levin and Dennis are part of the team and introduce themselves and their area of responsibility.

Three employees of the University of Mannheim walk through a corridor in a good mood
Open Positions
Employees doing yoga during their lunch break