Program of the Summer and Winter Academies

Preparatory courses

The International Summer Academy (ISA) 2024 will take place face-to-face.
We would be happy to welcome you to Mannheim!

At the University of Mannheim, exchange students may attend preparatory intensive language courses as part of the International Summer Academy and the International Winter Academy, respectively. Yet, the International Summer and Winter Academies have much more to offer than just language courses: In addition to the intensive language course that takes place in the morning, you will have the opportunity to attend a wide range of seminars. For example, you can learn about German language and culture or deepen your knowledge in practice-oriented courses. Moreover, the program comprises courses on German cuisine, pop culture, or the history of the European Union.

Participants of the International Summer and Winter Academies may also use all of the university’s facilities: For example, they can use the Media Center for individual learning or take part in sports courses offered by the Institute of Sports.

The winter academy helped me out a lot to meet people and learn some German.

Donavon Smith, exchange student in the bachelor’s program in Business Administration, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (USA) / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica


  • Courses

    The International Summer Academy (ISA) 2024 will take place face-to-face.
    We would be happy to welcome you to Mannheim!

    Dates: 5 August to 30 August 2024

    In the morning: German classes at elementary / intermediate / advanced level

    In the afternoon: workshops and seminars

    Welcoming: Monday, 5 August 2024

    Start of classes: Tuesday, 6 August 2024

    Placement test: online

    Registration deadline: 30 June 2024

    Fee: € 685.00

    ECTS credits: 6 ECTS

  • Credits / Certificate

    You will receive a certificate with 6 ECTS credits for the successful completion of the International Summer or Winter Academy (ISA/IWA).

    Kindly noteThe ISA/IWA cannot be included in your Transcript of Records from the University of Mannheim. However, a certificate will be issued by DaF – Service und Marketing GmbH who organize the ISA/IWA. Please check with your home university if

    • the ECTS-points can be awarded based on the certificate (not the Transcript of Records)
    • they accept the certificate to be handed in by the student

    In case your home university does not accept the certificate to be handed in by the student, please arrange for the certificate to be mailed digitally to your home university before you finish your exchange semester.

  • Registration / Payment / Cancellation

    The International Summer Academy (ISA) 2024 will take place face-to-face.
    We would be happy to welcome you to Mannheim!

    International exchange students can register via the registration form in the course portal provided by the Service- und Marketing GmbH. You are asked to indicate the application number of the International Office which you will receive with your “Letter of Admission” after being nominated by the partner university and completing the application.

    Please be aware that the payment of the course and registration fee must be made within 60 minutes of registration, otherwise your registration will be cancelled. In this case you will have to register again. After your successful registration and payment you will receive a booking confirmation and further information by the Service- und Marketing GmbH via email.

    Please note the withdrawal and cancellation modalities of the Service- und Marketing GmbH:
    Proper cancellation notice of a course is possible if notice is given in writing up to two weeks before the start of the course. We shall have the right to claim reasonable compensation by charging the participant with a processing fee of €300,00. If proper cancellation notice is given, the course fees will be returned to the participant less a processing fee of €300,00. In case of cancellation within a period of two weeks prior to the start of the course, the participant must pay 80% of the course fee. No refunds are made after the beginning of the course.

    For more information, please see the General Terms and Conditions.

    Please note: Exchange students who come to the University of Mannheim as part of a state-to-state program with Baden-Württemberg are exempt from course fees (*except North Carolina). Whether you are a participant of the state-to-state program and this is applicable to you, is stated in the email you received with your Admission Letter. State-to-state programs exist with the Canadian province of Ontario and the US states of California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Oregon. Registration via the online form is also mandatory in these cases.

    *Students in the state-to-state program Baden-Württemberg – North Carolina (BW/NC program) are required to pay the course fee.

  • Accommodation

    The price for the Summer/Winter Academy does not include the costs for accommodation. Please arrange your accommodation in good time.

    Exchange students from our partner universities can apply for accommodation in the residence halls of the Studierendenwerk. You will receive the link to the application for a room in a residence hall at the Studierendenwerk after completing your application for an exchange program at the University of Mannheim.

    If you receive a room in the residence hall of the Studierendenwerk and have registered for the Academy in due time, you can already reside there during the Academy. However, this is only possible if you have registered for the Academy on time. If you decide to participate in the Academy only after the registration deadline, there is no guarantee that the room in the student residence hall will be available for you at the beginning of the Academy.

    For more information on the issue of 'housing' please see our homepage here.

  • Directions

    For directions and information on enrollment please visit the Portal².


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