Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Mannheim

At the University of Mannheim, students can choose from a total of 35 different bachelor's programs taught at six individual schools. The degree programs are interdisciplinary and have an international focus. On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about pursuing a bachelor's degree at the University of Mannheim.

What our students say about pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mannheim

The international orientation of the bachelor’s program in Business Administration at the University of Mannheim is exceptional and was one of the main reasons why I wanted to study here. Whether you would like to spend a semester abroad at one of the 200 partner universities of the Business School, participate in a double degree program or decide on the IBEA program – in Mannheim, you have numerous opportunities to study abroad. There is something for everyone! In addition to that, I really like the wide range of clearly structured courses providing insights in all fields of Business Administration as well as the fact that many courses are taught in English. This way, I feel well prepared for my transition into working life.

Marie Fox, student of the bachelor’s program in Business Administration / Credit: Jula Jacob

The University of Mannheim offers excellent Teacher Education programs. As students, we receive an exceptional academic training in subject-specific topics complemented by courses in Teaching Methodology and Education Science that have a strong practical orientation, thus preparing us very well for our future daily routine as teachers. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to choose a third subject, the so-called Master of Education Extension Subject, while still in the bachelor’s program. This way, it is possible to pursue one’s own interests and even improve one’s career prospects without having to extend the duration of the program. This is the reason why the University of Mannheim is an outstanding university to study Teacher Education.

Sören Hengstberger, student of the master’s program in Teacher Education: Economics, Political Science, and German Studies / Credit: Jula Jacob

During my bachelor’s program in Sociology at the University of Mannheim, I took advantage of the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at a Canadian university. It was a unique experience – thanks to alternative academic focal points, I got to know other critical perspectives. Another distinctive feature of the bachelor’s program in Mannheim is the opportunity to explore an additional subject area by choosing it as a minor. I settled for Media and Communication Studies, which I now study in my master’s program, too. The expertise I developed in Sociology is still very useful for me whenever I work on research projects.

Elisabeth Schmalz, graduate of the bachelor’s program in Sociology / Credit: Carla Neddermeier

Top positions in national and international rankings

Numerous university rankings confirm the outstanding qualityof the programs available at the University of Mannheim. The University of Mannheim regularly achieves top positions in both national and international rankings in the fields of Business Administration, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Romance Studies, History, English and American Studies, German Studies, and Business Informatics.

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Pursuing a Master’s Degree at the University of Mannheim

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Career Opportunities

A bachelor's program at the University of Mannheim provides you with excellent career opportunities. Explore your manifold prospects.