DOC Writing Lab

The structured seminar program of the DOC Writing Lab, the writing workshop for doctoral students, primarily supports you in reflecting on the writing process and thus improving your writing skills. However, it also offers a range of other courses on the following topics:

  • Cognitive control of the writing process
  • Academic writing styles
  • Literature research and management
  • Academic presentations
  • Gender-sensitive writing and speaking
  • Preparing for the oral defense
  • Publishing


Those who wish to participate in the entire program can attend all courses of the writing workshop without further costs after paying the participation fee of EUR 85. Without registering for the entire program, the participation fee is between EUR 15 and EUR 40, depending on the duration of the respective event. However, priority will be given to those participating in the entire program.

Participants of the writing workshop will receive a certificate of attendance after attending one compulsory and several optional modules for a total of three days.

If you would like to register for the entire program, please send your registration including your CV and a short (maximum one-page) outline of your doctoral project by e-mail to Nadine Bradt.


Nadine Bradt, M.A.

Nadine Bradt, M.A.

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