Launch of Archive ILIAS

Transfer of old semester based ILIAS courses to archive ILIAS completed.

On 19 January 2022 UNIT has activated a new ILIAS instance, Archive ILIAS, which ist used to archive ILIAS courses from previous semesters (from 2008–2019). This will reduce the load on the Teaching ILIAS database, thus significantly improving the user experience on the platform. User can access the archive ILIAS on using your Uni ID an password.

ILIAS courses from 2008–2019 has been removed from Teaching ILIAS and transferred to Archive ILIAS. The existing course contents has been retained. No contents has been deleted! Course administrator and the students registered as members in the archived course will still be able to access the course contents via Archive ILIAS using the Uni-ID.

Archiving also allows you to download your archived course contents and incorporate it in active courses again. What will not be possible on Archive ILIAS is to edit or modify existing course con-tents.

For questions or problems, please contact