Academic Speed Dating in fall 2023 focuses on Text Data

This semester, the MCDS Academic Speed Dating focused on the topics of Text Data and Large Language Models.

Around thirty participants gathered at Mannheim Palace on October 19, 2023 to discuss their research. Prof. Dr. Markus Strohmaier opened the event with a presentation on large language models in economics and social sciences, which highlighted the potential but also the challenges of innovations such as ChatGPT. Although the in-silico modeling of surveys, experiments and observations could accelerate scientific findings in the future, this requires sufficient methodological expertise from the economic and social sciences as well as computer science in order to produce reliable results.

The keynote speech, which was received with great interest and discussed lively by the audience, was followed by seven short presentations on research projects from various disciplines and on the University Library's services in the field of text data indexing. At the get-together at the end of the event, many participants who had previously had little contact with data science also took the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore new possibilities for their own research.