Staff members practicing yoga

Workplace Health Promotion

The University of Mannheim cares deeply about the health of its staff members. Therefore, the university offers a broad range of courses, schemes, and advisory services as part of the workplace health promotion program.

The goal of the program is to help prevent work-related illnesses and make work healthier. Various institutions and departments of the university work together to create a holistic health promotion concept. The university also collaborates with various health insurance providers.

  • Sport and exercise: Staff members have the option to participate in the extensive university sports program offered by the Institute of Sports. The program is mostly free of charge. Numerous courses are offered, such as for example soccer, beach volleyball, tennis, yoga, dance, back workouts, and kickboxing. Staff members and students can also train in various gyms at reduced prices.
  • Preventive medical services: The University of Mannheim supports staff members in implementing a healthy lifestyle, for example, by offering nutrition counseling, colorectal cancer screening, eye training, body fat measurement, and diabetes screening.
  • Mental health: By organizing coaching sessions on stress prevention and management, resilience and mindfulness training, and much more, the university also aims to promote the well-being and mental health of its staff members in the long term.

As part of the overall occupational health management system, all prescribed occupational health and safety measures such as on-site company doctor's consultations, antiglare glasses, workplace inspections etc. are implemented.

For further information on courses, staff members can visit the intranet.