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Hello, my name is Yasmine and I've been studying Business Administration at the University of Mannheim since the fall semester 2021. Starting your studies can be very overwhelming—it was no different for me. That’s why I'm happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Yasmine Labib, program ambassador for Business Administration / Photo credit: Fachschaft BWL

Why I chose this program

After finishing school, I knew I wanted to study Business Administration in Mannheim. The international focus of the program, the university’s excellent reputation, and the campus with the palace have convinced me.

During the first two semesters, my expectations were fully met and even exceeded on a social level: the Business Administration program in Mannheim creates strong bonds between students.

In addition, I am always impressed by the diversity of the program. The basic insight into the different areas of business administration, such as accounting, finance, marketing, or management, allows you to find yourself and your niche. You can then specialize in this field in the Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) program or pursue one of the many career options in your chosen niche.

Studying at the University of Mannheim

  • What’s special about the program?

    When I was looking at universities, one thing that was really important to me was the international orientation. The University of Mannheim is perfect for this: some bachelor's degree courses are taught in English while the master's degree courses are all in English, giving the program an international focus. In addition, you have to take a foreign language course in the second and third semester of your bachelor's degree. The options are numerous and include everything from English, Spanish and French to Japanese and Chinese. All Business Administration students spend the fifth semester at a university abroad. The Business School has numerous partner universities around the world that we can attend without having to pay tuition fees: Italy, China, or the USA—the list goes on! Many students are also attracted by the excellent reputation of the University of Mannheim.

  • Extracurricular activities

    Mannheim does not only offer academic opportunities: there are numerous student organizations where you have the chance to volunteer for exciting projects, gain practical experience, or network with various companies. Musicians can join the university choir or the university orchestra. In addition, the Institute of Sports gives us the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, including rowing, lacrosse, or pilates. So it’s never boring, that’s for sure.

After graduation

  • Further study

    After earning your bachelor's degree, you have a lot of options:

    you can start a master's program if you wish to specialize in a particular field of study. The Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) program at the University of Mannheim offers interesting courses and topics you can focus on. After completing your master’s degree you can also pursue a doctorate and begin your academic career.

  • Career opportunities

    If you do not want to pursue an academic career, you can also go ahead and enter the world of work. Due to its diverse nature, the Business Administration program provides its graduates with a variety of career options.

What you need to know

  • Frequently asked questions

    Mathematics—help! The amount of math in business administration studies is nothing to worry about too much. If you’re willing to invest a bit of effort, solid math skills will be sufficient to successfully complete your degree. Even if it’s not the main focus of the program, a large part of its contents is based on mathematics. If this is too much for you or you dislike math, you probably won’t enjoy the program.

  • Language requirements

    Some lectures and exams are in English. That’s why you need to have a certain level of language proficiency. Please check the selection statutes—I suggest you provide sufficient proof of English proficiency in your application. However, it’s all manageable if you have taken English in secondary education or have a language certificate demonstrating equivalent proficiency.

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