Armin Schwegler

A short profile of the speakers of the Summer School.

Prof. Schwegler’s research emphasizes the study of human language (Romance vernaculars, Creoles, African languages) from a linguistic perspective, while also exploring them in their social, cultural and historical contexts. During the past few years, this has led him to explore in depth how population genetics (DNA) are useful in reconstructing Latin America's deep African roots (slave trade).

Born and raised in Switzerland, Prof. Schwegler has been a faculty member at the University of California (Irvine) since 1987. An enthusiastic world traveler, he has carried out extensive fieldwork in remote and fascinating corners of Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, etc.). A Fulbright scholar in Vienna in 2019, he has authored and/or edited many books and over 70 research articles. Until recently, he was long-time co-editor of the Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, and was co-founder of RILI (Revista Internacional de Lingüística Ibérica). He is currently teaching summer graduate courses at the renowned language school of Middlebury College, Vermont (USA).