New Platform for Communication and Collaboration Available

With the cloud solution M365, university IT offers optimal conditions for efficient and secure collaboration.

From now on, we provide you with Microsoft 365 (M365) as a platform for communication and collaboration. The new platform will replace the interim solution and further facilitate digital communication and collaboration of the university’s employees. As described in our step-by-step instructions for logging in to M365, you simply need to login to use the services, such as Teams, for example, in the new M365 environment.

If you have stored any files on the interim platform, you need to transfer these files to the new platform. The data are not automatically migrated. If you need to migrate data, please follow the instructions under How Can I Transfer My Data to M365?. Please note that we will deactivate the interim platform on 13 September 2021. Any data stored on the interim platform will no longer be available.

By using the M365 applications, you agree to comply with the University of Mannheim’s regulations on the use of the services. Please read these regulations carefully, before you login and protect yourself and your colleagues by securely managing documents in the cloud: Click here to read the Terms of Use.

On the UNIT website on Microsoft 365, you will learn more about the applications that are available right now (besides Teams) and how to use them.

Is this too technical for you? Don’t worry, we are happy to help you. Do not hesitate to go to one of our consultation hours or to contact the IT support (by calling -2000, sending a message to the Microsoft Teams account “itsupport.2000” or sending an e-mail to