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Prizes and Awards

A selection of the memorable people of the University of Mannheim.

In Profile: Professor Teresa Naab

Communication scientist Teresa Naab is deeply passionate about her subject. She has been teaching and researching at Mannheim for just under a year. Naab believes that in a world saturated by digital media, it is important to know how people use media and what it does to them—both at an individual and a societal level. 

Letting Down an Anchor

Alumna Melanie Meder did not have any specific plan for what she would do after graduation. She decided to go into the field of communication toward the end of her program. Today, more than 20 years later, she feels that she made the right choice. Despite that, when she last changed employers, more than just the career field was important.  

Welcome to the University of Mannheim

Three new professors introduce themselves.