Bachelor's Program in Culture and Economy: German Studies

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Anna-Lena Peitz has straight brown hair. She is wearing a white blouse with a bow.

Hello, I’m Anna-Lena and I have been studying the bachelor’s program in Culture and Economy: German Studies with Business Administration at the University of Mannheim since the fall semester 2021. If you have questions about the program or need more information I am happy to help you!

Anna-Lena Peitz, program ambassador for the bachelor's program in Culture and Economy: German Studies / Credit: Judith Kretschmar

Why I chose this program

The bachelor’s program in Culture and Economy: German Studies combines the humanities with business administration and economics. The major, German Studies, will mainly focus on linguistics and literary studies. In the first semester, you’ll acquire basic knowledge which you will expand in higher semesters and by pursuing a master's degree later on, if you wish. You will also take courses in Cultural Studies or Business Communication. The combination major, Business Administration, is the economic part of your program. You will acquire knowledge in accounting, management, and marketing, for example. In the practice modules you will also learn about potential careers and interesting practical extracurricular activities. For more information, see the module plan on the website of the School of Humanities.

I chose the program because I think the additional component of learning the key concepts of business administration is a valuable addition to my studies in linguistics and literature. I think the fact that the two subject areas are very different is a great advantage, as the knowledge I gain is so varied.

Studying at the University of Mannheim

  • What’s special about the program?

    The main reason I chose to study at the University of Mannheim was the unique opportunity to combine German Studies with an economy-related discipline. A degree from the University of Mannheim opens the door to a variety of opportunities, especially since it has been repeatedly ranked the best university for Business Administration. Apart from excellent academic programs, the university has much more to offer.  

    It has an international academic calendar, which can be very useful if you’re planning to study abroad. In general, the university supports and promotes international experiences, whether it’s through the Summer School, information nights on studying abroad, or the relevant advice services.

  • Extracurricular activities

    As students of the bachelor’s program in Culture and Economy, we are part of the departmental student committee for Linguistics and Literary Studies. The committee advocates for our interests and organizes cool events, such as the orientation week or poetry slams. If you’d rather get involved in another way, you can participate in one of the many student organizations and groups. 

    Attending Schneckenhof parties, participating in a wide range of sports, and studying in the beautiful baroque palace: the University of Mannheim offers something for everyone!

After graduation

  • Further study

    With a bachelor’s degree in Culture and Economy you have several options. Most graduates decide to pursue a master's degree in Culture and Economy. Under certain conditions, you can also pursue a Master of Science in Business Administration or Economics. For example, to be admitted to the Mannheim Master in Management program, you need to complete the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). More detailed information is provided on the respective websites of the schools.

  • Career opportunities

    Of course, you can also start your career immediately after earning your degree. There's an advantage for graduates with knowledge of the humanities, business administration, and economics.

What you need to know

  • Frequently asked questions

    The most frequently asked question probably is, “And what can you do with this degree?” Always remember that you chose to study German Studies with Business Administration as a minor for a good reason and keep in mind that you have a lot of options. If you’re not sure yet what you want to do later in life, that’s perfectly fine. Internships, student assistant jobs, or the practice modules are a great way to find your desired career. 

  • Clichés

    Most people associate the humanities with low earning potential and poor job opportunities, or they just have a general lack of understanding for studying humanities. There are stereotypes and misconceptions about every degree program, but you need to get rid of them. The program allows you to broaden your horizons, and Mannheim graduates of the bachelor’s program in Culture and Economy are very sought after on the labor market.

  • Starting your studies

    At the beginning of your studies you will receive a lot of information and new tasks. In general, teachers will give you all the relevant information about the courses. That’s why you just need to be present and attentive. However, there are other important things you will have to take care of on your own, for example, finding out how to top up your ecUM or your print account. I was very glad to have the departmental student committee for Linguistics and Literary Studies, which not only organized the orientation week and allowed us to have an easy start, but has also been there to answer my questions from day one. Also: don’t miss exploring Mannheim’s Quadrate, visiting its pubs and the Schneckenhof! You won’t regret it! It’s worth it!

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Program ambassador for the bachelor's program in Culture and Economy: German Studies