High Performance Computing (HPC) – Processing Power for Simulations

Researchers who analyze complex phenomena, and produce and test models using statistics and simulations, usually collect a lot of data. Processing this data requires large amounts of computing power. That’s why researchers at the University of Mannheim are given additional computing resources and data analysis software through Baden-Württemberg’s High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster.

Researchers in Baden-Württemberg can access the HPC cluster free of charge. Individual support is given to researchers in the fields of Economics and Social Science by the HPC Competence Center in Mannheim/Heidelberg. The center can advise researchers on how to use HPC. It can also address individual software requests, and help to adapt tools. Researchers in other fields can get advice through the Baden-Württemberg support portal.

You only need the log-in details assigned to you by the University IT to register.

You can register your project using the following links:

HPC central application site

HPC authorization request

HPC Support Portal

Contact the support team in the University IT if you have any general questions on HPC.

Further Information

HPC training platform (only available in German)

Overview of the software installed on the cluster

Information, in German, on other services offered by computing centers at higher education institutions in Baden-Württemberg




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